Monday, June 7, 2010

Mountain Biking in Bend

Today we went mountain biking. The first place we went was on the Deschutes River trail. It's gorgeous out there. Especially since the sun was shining. We did not like that trail, at all. Bad trail, bad! There are sections that are full of big rocks that I do not know how to ride, it's a side hill trail, and all in all it just looked like certain death or maiming.

There were, however, lovely vistas to enjoy.

Next we tried part of Phil's trail system and liked it better. It has rocks as well, but the trails we were on today were not side hill trails, so while a fall is never desirable, at least one will not be plummeting off the trail down to the river below.
So, that was today.

Update to post: One should start riding south of the lava island. They trail is not as rocky there and is more pleasant.

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