Saturday, June 5, 2010

More From Bend

This is Crown Villa RV park. It's quite nice, it's groomed to within an inch of its life. This morning one of the grounds guys was using a trash picker upper to remove pine cones from the grass. Yesterday was very windy and a bunch of them hit the ground.

On the left is the office, on the right is the spa, guest lounge, restrooms/showers and the laundry.

However, this is the best part of the park, the storage shed. It is so cool to be able to roll 4 bikes in there and not have to mess with the mtb rack and cover, and putting the road bikes in and out of the basement. We like the shed a lot.

Today we set out on our 13 mile climbing route. We bailed after 10 miles, we were freezing. It was cold going up, and we knew it would be even worse going down, so we shortened it a bit. We met a really nice young woman loitering at the place where we had parked. She was on a mountain bike, and had ridden down a trail that started about 5 miles up the road. Her goal was to get a ride back up the hill. Apparently many mountain bikers here don't enjoy the climb. So we took her back up to where she was parked. It was good, she gave us the names of trails we should try riding. Apparently they actually sign them here, and the signs match the maps. That will be good.

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