Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Climb up Hwy 42

Monday night Jim came down with something intestinal. He spent most of the night being sick as a dog. Poor baby. Tuesday he just felt awful from lack of sleep, lack of food, and dehydration; so it was a pretty low key day. I walked him through the RV park in the afternoon and that was it for movement for him.
Today I rode up State Hwy 42 from Sunriver up to Highway 46. It's a pretty good 13 mile climb. Jim functioned as support. It's always nice having a dedicated driver.

This is the view of Mt. Bachelor at the top of the climb.

We drove out toward the ski areas which are closed. We kept on driving and found snow. People were out road biking by the snow. It was 63 at the top, which is pretty warm.

The road surface on 42 is just wonderful. No cracks or bumps. It's much nicer than 46, which is the other climb we've been doing.

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