Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Peeves and the Mt. Shasta KOA

I have many peeves, certainly too numerous to enumerate here. One of my biggest peeves is an employee who can not provide directions to their place of business. We decided to stop at Camping World in Vacaville. I called for directions. After exiting the freeway we got totally lost because they were wrong, and I called back for clarification. I asked what I thought was a very simple question, are you on the east or west side of the freeway. You know what the lady on the phone said? "It depends on which way you're coming from." It went downhill from there.
We are now at the Mt. Shasta KOA. It's chilly here! We may have to bring back the faux down blankie for the night. This is the lake, which is just lovely.

I5 is much better north of Petaluma than the southern end of the state. Tomorrow it's on to Bend, OR.

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