Thursday, June 3, 2010

Crown Villa RV Park - Bend Oregon

Well here we are in Bend. So far the weather remains abysmal, but is supposed to improve next week. Yesterday the RV went in for maintenance, leaving us homeless for the day. We drove down to the Old Mill historic shopping district and walked around for a bit. It used to be a lumber mill. There are many Canadian geese, and there is a guy with a hose whose job it is to hose off the goose by products from the side walks.

After the rains returned, we went to Hutch's bike store and talked to a nice young man about hikes in the area, and bought two bicycle maps. We drove out Century Drive for a bit (no pics, it was a dark and dreary day). A 13 mile ride will give us almost 1900 feet of elevation gain. Remembering the lapse rate will be critical for enjoying that descent. So that looks promising.

Then it was off to a local park. Chipmunks....... cute.

We think these are juvenile chipmunks. The have the same white eye ring, but they're smaller. They're also very cute.

I'm certain you're wondering what was wrong with the RV this time. We had a few minor issues, but the main one was the difficulty of opening and closing the valve for the shower holding tank, and the fact that after a transit we were seeing a lot of fluid leaving the sewer outfall and what appeared to be solids (that's an RV euphemism for something from the black tank). This is never good. As it turned out, the valves were all good, the cables were good. However, both valves were impeded by the amount of paper and assorted trash that was left in both tanks by those consummate professionals at the Keystone factory; thus the difficulty in opening and closing the valves. $500 was spent by the consumer to remove trash from the tanks because those bozos could not be bothered to clean out the tanks before gluing the tops on. To say that I am peeved would be an understatement.
It's all fixed now, I shall take 3 cleansing breaths and put this, and all my other recent calm destroying events behind me, and move on.
We do have a storage shed on the RV site which is just beyond cool, it means the bikes can live in there. That is a serious bonus.

Hope you are all well and spring has arrived in your neck of the woods.

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