Monday, June 8, 2009

Washington DC

Here we are in the wilds of New York, listening to it rain. What is UP with the weather this year? We spent the weekend in DC at the Cherry Hill RV park. More on that later. Anyway, Saturday we metro'ed in to Georgetown to walk around.
We like the subway, we see interesting people wearing interesting outfits. Especially their boots.

DC has spent a gazillion dollars on the Georgetown waterfront. In the 80s there was no reason to go down there, it was pretty creepy. Now it has been cutified, there are many condos and restaurants. People like to drive their boats up the Potomac and raft up on the docks.

We had lunch at the waterfront. Jim tried another fried soft shelled crab sandwich. It was better than the one he had last year at the Outer Banks.

It's fun to watch their legs fall out of the bun.

After lunch we continued walking. This is part of the old C&O canal system.

Lyndon LaRouche has had supporters staking out street corners in Georgetown since I was in high school. It just amazes me that they are still there after all these years.

We went to Dean and Deluca. It's an uber upscale grocery store.

It's just just lovely there.

The walk continued. We went up through Georgetown University and through the neighborhoods. The row houses there are just beautiful.

Sunday we went back in on the subway to go to the Smithsonian. People bring all kinds of stuff on the subway. This gentleman had the wheel and tire with him and got off at the Greenbelt station. I was disappointed that we did not see how he got it down the escalator.

Main lobby of the Museum of Natural History.

The Hope Diamond.

Then we went to the Museum of American History. It's really worth seeing. I wanted to see the First Ladies exhibit but the line was just huge. They have Julia Childs' kitchen there. It's definitely worth seeing. I don't have any pictures of it because the lighting was terrible. The picture below is from the transportation exhibit. I thought it was amusing, and a little poignant. Now we're called RVr's instead of "trailerites".....

One of the first travel trailers.

The Castle at the Smithsonian. It was the first building in the complex.

This is the second oldest building at the Smithsonian. It's closed for renovations.

This morning was tedious. I had to ask the guy next to us to move his giant pickup truck to we could leave. Moving about that park was really difficult, due to narrow streets. Anyway, he was pretty upset, said he'd only gotten to bed two hours before (it was 8:30!), but I persisted and he eventually came out and moved. The traffic around Baltimore was horrendous.

This is why the traffic was so bad. How does this happen? This is an on ramp to the circumferential, how on earth did the driver get up enough speed to wreck the car this badly?

It was a long day, lots of construction and slow traffic. Jim was a trooper and did all the driving. Tomorrow will be shorter. We're going to be in the Adirondacks for 6 nights. I have no idea how the internet will be there, so you may or may not be hearing from us from the woods. After that, it's in to Canada with us.
So, we hope your are all well, as we are.

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