Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Chapel Hill NC

We're in Chapel Hill. This is where we used to live in Wake Forest. We were there for about a year. We were very gratified to see that the yard doesn't look any better now than when we had it. That yard was a bear to take care of.

We're in the Spring Hill RV park which is in the woods. It's way far away from everywhere. There are a lot of permanent residents, as is evidenced by the number of mailboxes.

Trees in an RV park are evil, they leave tree stuff on top of the coach, making more work for Jim.

Many people seem to be seasonal renters.

When you see a propane tank this large you know they've been here for awhile.

These are the evil trees overhanging our RV and dropping tree goo on top of our pristine roof.

Today we did a slow walking tour of Chapel Hill in the heat and the humidity. I think I'll do those pictures later because there are a lot of them.

Tomorrow we are off to Greensboro for warranty work. We will more than likely spend the night on their lot (does that not sound bucolic?) and hopefully depart Friday morning. If that goes well, we're thinking a couple or 3 days in the DC area might be fun, and then it's on to New York. We have to pick up mail in Plattsburgh next week and then it's over the border into the Great White North.

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