Friday, June 5, 2009

Washington DC

Greetings gentle readers, gather ye round and listen to my tale of lamentation and woe. We left Greensboro bright and early, and best of all, we left between rain storms so we were not drenched. That ended early, this is how most of the day looked. We NEVER run the wipers on high, but we did today.

When we got through Richmond, the traffic just went from bad to worse. I think we had about 45 miles of 5 mph traffic. This was one of the many accidents impacting traffic. Somehow, this truck managed to go off the road and jack knife. That's the trailer that has come around on the cab. The guy is lucky he wasn't squashed by it. There were several more accidents after that. It was a LONG drive to DC.

So, we're here at Cherry Hill RV Park. We came very close to hitting a sign post with the RV trying to get around a corner. We had to ask one RV to move their truck. They were very nice about it, they have two pit bulls and a large cockatoo in their RV. That's a lot of critters. Anyway, with the truck out of the way, Jim was able to wiggle the RV through the turn with no damage. It was the perfect end to a perfect day.
BUT, on the bright side, today is the last day of rain, tomorrow will be bright and shiny and in the upper 70's.

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