Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Montreal - Marche aux Puces et Pate

Sunday morning dawned cold and foggy. Ahhhhhhh, summer in the great North East. There has been a lot of grousing on various blogs about the weather. It's not just me!

We took the subway into the St. Michel neighborhood. I had seen an article in a high zoot shelter magazine about this particular Marche aux Puces (Flea Market). So, we went down to see what they had. They had a lot!

This is where old TV's go to die. Look to the left of the TV tower, there is an ancient washing machine with a mangle there.

They had an amazing amount of clock radios, old tape decks, and like that.

This is the 60's corner. Check out the painted glasses and the tray.

Love the chairs.

More stuff.

There were a lot of film cameras. We also saw quite a selection of enlargers.

This is something I've never seen before. This is an old Raleigh. Look at the hub, the round thing that looks like a disc brake is part of an early bike computer. There's a sensor that hovers over the ring and sends data to the computer on the handle bars.

After the flea market there was the obligatory trip to the grocery store, since we always forget something. This is the IGA. They have about 10 feet dedicated to pate. One can buy it in bulk at Costco.

Today Jim is going for a haircut. With any luck it will quit raining for awhile.

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