Tuesday, June 16, 2009


We are in Montreal, where the force of the internet is weak. The "free" wifi at the RV park consists of 15 minutes per each hour that are free. Otherwise it's $8 a day. I think that probably constitutes false advertising. The other thing that is making me nuts is that there is a complete lack of cartography for the area south of Montreal proper. It's as if nothing south of Montreal was worth committing to paper. That, of course, is where we are. The park is very nice, we both have a sense of having been let out of jail now that we're no longer in the Adirondacks, and we can see the sky through the RV windows. Tomorrow we will conduct a scouting trip to find the bike path that goes to the Ile des Soeurs. It looks like it would be an extremely cool ride, unfortunately the trail head is in that uncharted region of the area.
On a different whine, the Quebec province is trying to attract tourist dollars. Where, one wonders, might the tourist dollar come from? Perhaps the United States, where they speak ENGLISH! There is very little in the way of info at the tourist center that's not in French. It's like putting a sign on the province that says "don't spend money here". We're memorizing Google maps when my air card is not dropping us. When one signed up for the air-Canada plan for twice the price of the air-American plan, one assumed that coverage would be included in the new price. Apparently this is not the case.
So, although we're in one of the most beautiful places on earth, there may not be a lot of pictures. Just me, whining.

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