Friday, June 19, 2009

Montreal - Vieux and Chinois

Friday we drove up to the metro station at Longueuil. There's a large sector of Montreal that's underground, literally. Given their winters, it's not surprising. Given the snotty weather forecast, we thought we'd go there. Anyway, the underground was sort of underwhelming, so we went topside to discover it wasn't raining.
This is a BIXI station. One can rent bicycles. It's a cool idea, they're solar powered so if a station is underperforming, they can put it else where. It's surprisingly expensive, however. We considered it, but then decided since we had no helmets and there are no bike paths in the city center, that we would walk.

A metro station that reminds us of Paris. Most of the stations are not nearly as well signed. If you don't have a map, they'd be tough to find.

So we walked from Victoria Square to Old Montreal. This is an old building!

Dog walker. The dogs were really well behaved.

This is a statue at the Place d'Armes. It was a site of a Iriquois massacre in 1644. That would be the Iriquois who were massacred.

Large Church.

This is a really cool store. Noel Eternal. It's a Christmas shop. Lots of cool ornaments and a rotating Christmas dinner display.

The interesting thing was outside the store. They are relaying cobblestones. Who does that?

They're shaping cobblestones and setting them in concrete. Picturesque, eh?

Old Montreal.

Is she cute or what? This is part of restaurant row in Vieux Montreal.

There are horse drawn carriages.

The horse and the driver share a carrot while waiting for a fare.

China town.

Chinese cat.

After Chinatown, my feet gave out. Fortunately we were close to a Metro, so back to the RV park we went.

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  1. back away from the christmas store; no place to store all that fun, cute, great, christmas stuff :)

    thanks for the pics, it's so much fun.