Monday, December 1, 2008

One Last McDowell Picture

I'm certain a few of you are saying OK, enough already with McDowell Park, but isn't this a lovely vista? It's really beautiful how the sun plays on the mountains. I found this on my other SD card and felt that I needed to share.

Sunday we went up the east side of Gates Pass. I road well. I made it up the last 3 steep pitches in my middle chain ring, a week ago I was on the baby granny suffering like an animal. So there is progress on the fitness front. We stopped for a nosh at the International Wildlife museum, they have some beautiful palm trees. They're just perfectly manicured. Scottsdale over-trims theirs, they look puny in comparison.

The Christmas tree is up! All 14 inches of it. It's from Michaels. Tomorrow we're going to look for a pre-lit fake topiary in a heavy base to put outside the coach. The heavy base is so that it can withstand the wind. Jim wants to put the chili pepper lights on it. We will also have outside lights of some sort, but not too many. It's a storage issue.

Today was a beautiful day. Jim washed (and dried!) the other side of the RV, so it is now clean and devoid of those pesky water spots. I enjoyed Cyber Monday and free shipping. I helped Jim with his Christmas shopping, for me.
And now we bid you goodnight from the desert.

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