Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day posting

This is the trail off the Gerson trail head. Yes, this is a mountain bike trail as well. No, we will not be riding this anytime soon! We were out here Christmas Eve day. It was just a delightful day, absolutely stupendous. It was truly the kind of day that causes one to winter in Tucson.

We spent some time talking to some mountain bikers. They're heading out for the valley floor after riding up the above mentioned climb. They are really good bike handlers.

We took a new trail out into the hinterlands. We had a little nosh and enjoyed the day.

Christmas in the desert. The inflatable Christmas decorations have just taken it in the head from all the wind. Give these guys some air!

Today we are having winter storm number 2 out of 3, which seems to mainly entail gusty winds and gloomy skies. We've decided that bike riding would not be that much fun so we're going to go see a movie instead. Tonight we're going to grill a passel of lamb chops and try to eat them all. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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