Saturday, November 29, 2008

Return to Tucson post Thanksgiving

So, we spent Thanksgiving in McDowell Mountain park with Roger and Peggy Hancock. They came down from Utah to do some riding and to be less cold than it currently is is Salt Lake. It was fun seeing them again, although the climate was not overly cooperative.
We had lots of clouds and fast moving rain storms Wednesday and Thursday. When it would stop raining, the skies were just magnificent. But you could see the next storm cell marching over the horizon. Very frustrating, McDowell is a great place to ride.

The day after Thanksgiving was supposed to improve, and it did, everywhere except over the park. It was cold and grey and spitting rain most of the day. Everywhere else it cleared up.

We abandoned the idea of riding and went for a drive. This is north of the park.

Today of course it was a gorgeous day, when it was time to leave.

It was a fun trip. Now we are back in Tucson and in our slot for the next 4 months. We did a much better job of getting the RV backed in this time than the last. Very little drama. Jim is getting the hang of when to start the turn into the parking place. We're not quite level side to side which is annoying. It was out of level enough that when we deployed the slides, we'd be noticeably not level, but we were not out of level enough to use a 2 inch thick board. So we propped up the low side by driving on to 1.5 inch thick plastic leveling blocks. They're about a centimeter too thick. I expect they will compress and we will reach leveling perfection in about a week. So here we are and here we be. Mail delivery will recommence next week. We're looking forward to all the magazines we haven't seen for awhile. Hope you are all well and happy.

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