Saturday, December 13, 2008

4th Avenue Street Fair

Friday was a good day. We got up, went for a bike ride west of Gates Pass. We confirmed, once again, that there is no training crossover between hiking and biking. I didn't ride while Jim was gone, and I could tell! But now he's back and we'll be back.
We decided to go to the 4th Avenue Street Fair. This was an event back in the day when I went to school here in the mid-70s to the early 80's. It's a pretty good fair. 4th avenue is the non-traditional shopping part of town. There are stores for shredders and hippies and the natural food co-op, and rather more bars than I remember.
Tucson has reactivated their trolley. It goes from the University to 4th avenue. We did not see where it turns around, or if it was double ended.

The fair is always good for pet and people watching.

The hippies live on through tie dye.

There was a lot of food. On the right of this photo there is something big on the rotisserie. We were not sure what it was, some large piece of cow or pig, no doubt . Giant turkey legs were also popular.

This booth did a terrific job of merchandising their product.

But these people got the prize for most meat on a smoker.

Eventually Jim gave in to the siren smell of grilled animal flesh. That's Chinese chicken on a stick and it was really good. Look behind him and the sign for walking tacos. It was an interesting, but unpopular idea. They would cut open a small bag of Doritos and put taco meat and cheese in the bag. It was not catching on with the fair goers.

This is the hippie store. I wanted to get pictures of the shredder store, but there were too many people in front of it.

Caruso's Italian restaurant has been here forever. It's cool to see that it has survived.

Driving home we were treated to a spectacular Arizona sunset.

This is a cool picture my brother sent me. Look at how close they are to each other. It's a really good shot.

Today a front is moving in which means that it's blowing the dog off the chain again, so we're hiking. The talking weather heads are actually forecasting rain for Wednesday and Thursday. We know that the December rains are important for the spring bloom and so we will not whine about a little rain in the desert, much.

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