Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Decorations and gaudy sunsets

Greetings! Here are some of our exterior decorations. The lighted topiary, very southwestern with its chili pepper lights.

The front of the RV, we have twinkling stars and little trees. Pounding the stakes for all of those items required a steel spike to make the hole in the ground and a couple of hammers. But they are very cute.

Yesterday we had another gaudy Arizona sunset. It was just magnificent.

Other than pictures, I have not too much to offer. We're getting the effects of the giant winter storm which is gripping the nation in its icy clutches, primarily in the form of wind and lower temperatures. Tomorrow may be good enough for biking, that would be good. I'm kind of hiked out. Did laundry today, cleaned house. The chicken in the crock pot comes inside (we crock pot outside so we don't smell it all day) in 30 minutes, then we will have food for two or three meals. Love that. Hope all is well with all of you. Give someone you love a hug, just because.

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