Sunday, December 7, 2008

Early December in the Desert

There is nothing new here to report. Jim is in Puget Sound visiting his Mom. She's 91 and still lives independently. She's an amazing lady. I am bored spitless because Jim is gone.
Did everyone see the planetary occultation of Jupiter and Venus? This will not occur again until 2052. If you click on my sunset picture in the last post you can see the moon and one of the planets. My camera couldn't pick up the second planet. It was a very cool thing to see here because the skies were so clear. I found these pictures on the web, they are from the Rockies, Taj Mahal and Egypt.

Well, I suppose I should leave the RV and go for a hike or something in my beloved's absence. A to-do list has accumulated so that needs doing as well. Hope you are all well and reasonably entertained.

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