Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Shaft and Burro Pit Loop

Greetings gentle readers. I promise that soon I will post about something other than mountain biking, but this blog serves as a journal of our experiences here, and today is worth recording. Jim rode most of the Shaft. I chickened out, spent too much time looking at it.

Here he is leaving the bottom. Will he make the steep (!) sharp left turn ahead?

No, he puts a foot down. Maybe next time. Making that corner will require speed and finesse. It's a steep pitch up, and very banked. Sliding off the trail is not out of the question.

I took the Shaft ByPass to the start of Bo's and Burro Pit. We did Burro Pit for the first time today. It has a fair amount of steep up and rocks. There is one section that looks like a ditch full of round rocks.
Here we are at the Over Under, aka Duck or Die. The brownish square in the middle of the photo is a metal grate that is the Over. It's not a bad ride.

This is the Under. I think I don't like the entrance in to it. There's about an 18 inch drop, and it's narrow. Add the psychological pressure of a concrete funnel, and there could be head trauma.

I told Jim I could be a fully self actualized person without riding this. There is a well defined bypass, so I don't think I'm alone in my opinion.

After Burro Pit there was Bo's and then Lone Cactus. We took the power line trail back to the truck. It's only 18 miles, but I am seriously tired.

Yesterday and today we saw this guy climbing out of DM. It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's .............

SUPER GUPPY! We think that's what it is. It's hard to tell at that distance, but the profile looks to be right.

So that was today's ride. Jim is now trying on the fleet of shoes we ordered up from Zappos. His old faithfuls have turned on him, mashing a toenail in the process. This won't do for walking around in Germany. I am still in foot limbo, my foot bed and shoe choices are not finalized. Bad feet are the gift that keeps on giving.

Hope you are all well and seeing the first signs of spring in your neck of the woods.

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