Tuesday, June 15, 2010

MTB up to the top of Phil's

Today was cold and windy, so we went mountain biking. I think I was still suffering the after effects of the hike from Hades Sunday. Anyway, we decided against doing Whoops because it requires standing on the pedals for most of 2 miles and I just did not have the quads for it. So, we rode up the top part of Phil's trail to see why it's marked double black diamond. And the answer is -- it's beyond steep! We pushed the bikes up part of it. So here we are where it leveled off. The red rock is lava. This whole area is an old lava flow.


Me on the lava. Right after this I put my arm warmers back on and re-zipped everything. It was an amazingly cold descent. My knees were loving those knee pads, they are warm.

So, that was today's entertainment.

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