Thursday, February 29, 2024

A Small Rant

Greetings Earthlings.  It's been awhile since I've posted.  Part of it is ennui, and part is, once again, I am so dang angry.  May I vent?  I will now vent.

We've had a run of not great weather, until Tuesday.  It was a good day.  How did we spend that day, you wonder.  We spent it waiting for Century Link.  Internet has been going down frequently, speeds are as low as 7 Mbps.  So, I called, got a tech out yesterday.  Unlike the last two techs that have been out, he said the wire from the pole to the house was faulty.  Because it touched the house, I would have to pay $100 for fixing.  Never mind that it's not my wire, I did not install it; because it goes to the phone outlet, I must pay.  So, fine, we can't live like this.  He did the work and left and not FIVE MINUTES LATER the internet dropped.  I got on the phone to complain to Century Link and Jim went and tracked the guy down because he was still in the park.  After significant whining, Century Link agreed to knock the $100 off my next bill.  The tech went and got a new modem, and things were good for awhile.  Last night it went down again, twice!  I have no idea if it was the new wire, or the new modem.  Nonetheless, it's their stupid equipment, and they should fix it, and I should not have to pay for them to do that.  The tech said he's in the park every day, which gives you some idea of reliability of the product.

Look at those skies, we totally missed out on that day.

We're trying to get the front door on the park model replaced.  Whoever installed it must have been drunk at the time.  Getting a contractor to give us a bid, and do the work is proving to be nigh on impossible.  They're all booked, they don't return phone calls, and they are wearing on my very last nerve.

The post office has not been forwarding the mail.  Jim's RMD check was returned to sender, that's a required minimum distribution from your 401K.  IRS punishes you severely if the correct amount of money is not withdrawn every year.  So, having that check sent back was bad.  We called the pension people, they told us not to worry, that even though we don't have the money, it's technically withheld.  Here's the thing, primaries in Washington state are coming up.  We vote by mail, everyone does.  They mail out information, then they mail the ballots.  The PO is disenfranchising us.  So I filed a form that complains to the USPS.  They actually called me yesterday, and they are looking in to it.  I have not gotten a New Yorker in months, I do wonder where they are, and where are my voting materials?

Yesterday SCOTUS said they would consider Dump's claim of presidential immunity - in April.  This slides all the cases to the right.  They are complicit in trying to get him elected.  The entire republican party is giving me a giant headache.  Today in Phoenix, the republicans voted for a bill that would allow homeowners to shoot and kill migrants, or anyone else, crossing their property.  Let's think about this.  Governor Hobbs will veto it, but what kind of people are these?

The Heritage Foundation, the group of reactionary old white men who miss the 1950's, is trying to deport Prince Harry.  Do they not have anything better to do with their time?  Dump wants him out of the country, as well.  These people are just detestable. There is an article in the Daily Beast.

When President Biden was elected, I thought we were in for four rational, peaceful years.  Boy howdy was I wrong.


  1. That is some absolutely horrid customer service on the part of the internet and post office for certain. I'm about to file a complaint with our Canada Post today too, for another reason. Truly, the service industry is no longer one of service and that goes for many businesses.

    The problem, as I see it, is that IQ45 has never stopped campaigning and the Repubs have continued to support this lout. Perhaps had there been some down time things wouldn't be so out of whack.

  2. I saw someplace a funny that someone has posted. "Has anyone tried turning the USA off and then turning it back on?" because OMG things are fucked up down there.
    I love that nickname Maebeme gave him IQ45

  3. doesn't seem like buying that park model in that park was such a good thing after all.

    rational and peaceful won't come until MAGAts are in the dustbin of history. and of course this SC agreed to consider total presidential immunity. they want an authoritarian theocracy and see Trump as the way to get it. give him immunity now and if he gets elected immunity to execute his political rials cementing their authority. it doesn't help that all the moderate republicans are quitting certainly to be replaced by extremists.

    1. No - it was a good thing. We're riding all winter, and hiking. Neither of which we'd be doing in Spokane.

  4. You have 2 homes you are blessed enjoy your life before its over

  5. We need to vote blue in droves in November!

  6. Every action (electing Biden) has an equal and opposite reaction (pro-Trump backlash). It's the first rule of both physics and politics! Seriously, I am pretty much done fretting about this upcoming election. At the end of the day, the voters have to decide, and if we have so many racist and deluded voters in the United States despite everything we already know about Trump -- well, what can we do? The guy should lose in a landslide. It shouldn't even be close. If it IS close or if, God forbid, he wins -- well, we have much bigger problems on our hands than a single election.

    I hope Century Link gets its act together about the Internet. I can't see why in this day and age you should be forced to deal with such dysfunctional equipment. And let us know what happens with the mail. I suspect the PO is struggling so much they're having trouble fulfilling their mission -- as is the Royal Mail here in the UK.

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  8. I am with you on all the political absurdities; I hope Biden wins again and that Dems also win the house and the senate and then they have the guts to expand the Court. It might be our only hope, and I fear it is a vain one. Trump is so demented he is having trouble speaking. Why on earth is the Republican party focusing on Prince Harry??? I missed that tidbit. The DB article is behind a paywall, but I'm off to google this.