Sunday, January 9, 2022


 Friday we had a pretty good sunset, at 4:30 in the afternoon.  Dark still comes early here.

Our neighbor brought over a USB stick with photos from his game camera on it.  In addition to deer there are raccoons, coyotes (although we don't hear them), turkeys, and something small that sort of looks like a marmot, but it's not.

Here we have three deer and a turkey.

Another deer, with antlers.

Today we went snow shoeing.  The sun was out, so we had to go.  I think it's the last time until it snows again.  The street is partially bare, and up on the hill there are bare spots.  It's ok dragging the snow shoe across pine needles, but not so much on the pavement.  Here is Jim putting on his snow shoes.  Nothing makes a person appreciate the bindings on down hill skies as much as a snow shoe binding.  They are just a pain in the butt to get on.

We walked up to the big rock at the top of the hill.

On the way back we saw turkey tracks.  They have really big feet.

This is a source of some unhappiness in the neighborhood.  Snow is supposed to be deposited in the middle of the cul de sacs, leaving room for the garbage trucks, and in the common grassed areas.  It's not supposed to be in people's front yards. 

Other than this, I have nothing interesting to say.  Politics are just too depressing, the virus is too depressing,


  1. I love the phone of the three deer and the turkey, it almost looks like a time lapse photo of a single deer.

    I'd ship some of our snow to you, if I could! Enjoy your weather.

  2. Politics for sure is too depressing but I think maybe the virus is evolving itself to be less virulent in order to assure its own survival since killing off your host isn't a good strategy for survival. At this point there's no getting rid of it with so much opposition from so many people. I figure by the end of this year it will just be another 'flu' and we'll get a covid shot every year just like a flu shot. It will still kill some people but so does the flu.

  3. Those game cam pics are so great. Your game is much more interesting than ours (foxes, squirrels, pigeons and Olga). I can see why that iceberg on the lawn would annoy someone!

  4. The snow, OMG! I hadn't ever imagined anything like that. Politics and covid are depressing and I'm sick of both. I would like to try snowshoeing some day.

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog and your generous comment. Oh, to be out snowshoeing again - but not long I hope as I am going to France soon - regardless of restrictions as I have a residency permit to collect!
    And yes politics and covid are too depressing here too - small world - I resolved not to write about them a while ago; just too depressing and sapping of life's joy.

  6. Ah, yes, township politics. On one poorly laid out cul de sac, the side by side end neighbors each rolled huge boulders into the road right of way, and come summer used them for the centerpiece of decorative landscaping. Some legal paperwork went back and forth and finally the township rolled over. Not money well spent; the county can go get their road right of way back.

  7. I love those wildlife shots. That is quite a selection of beautiful creatures roaming your neighborhood.