Monday, January 17, 2022

Paint Day Three

Yesterday was the day of cutting in the paint around the perimeter of the living room.  Boy howdy do I hate doing that.  Much of my time was spent in this position.  Go here to see what was driving us to paint.  Scroll down a bunch, it was a long post.

Today was spent rolling the walls.  Jim does that, I'm just horrible with a roller.

So, the repainting of the living room, filling and dabbing holes in two other rooms is done.  Now we have to wait for the paint guy to get the paint base for the wood trim painting we need to do.  We need it to match the paint left in the house because I do not want to paint out all of window casings on all of the many windows.  There used to be a different style of window covering installed, and when they were removed they did not fill the holes.  So hopefully the paint match will be good enough to not do the entire casing.  Did I mention we really do not enjoy painting?  After that it's one wall in the master closet and the sewing room.  We don't have those paint codes, so we'll end up doing the entire sewing room.  Or we could do an "accent wall."  We do need to do the closet wall so we can put up hooks and be done with it. 

Here is the annual bias report on various magazines.  It's interesting.  Apparently Direct-TV is dumping OAN.  Couldn't happen to a nicer organization.  That will relieve them of about 90% of their revenue.

There was sun today, later on there was a sunset.

I'm linking to an article about the lack of water in AZ.  There is a neighborhood north of Scottsdale (which is near Phoenix) that depends on hauled water.  Some houses had wells, but many have dried up.  Scottsdale owns the water that was being delivered to the neighborhood, and they have said no mas.  The state is in drought, and they're not going to deliver water any more.  Between drought and the lunatic politicians, it's good to be gone. 


  1. I admire you for painting! I hired mine done...for a price. My body hurts looking at your position. Although we have our own lunatic politicians here, they are not quite as crazy or numerous. :)

  2. Painting is painful, in more ways than one. I hate trying to match paint. There is one wall (a feature wall I guess) in the master bedroom that is the result of mixing leftover paint together. I'll never match it. :)

    Quite the interesting bias report. Love the photo of the sunset!

  3. I love the media bias chart. So informative! As for painting -- no.

  4. I am working on psyching myself up to paint the porches. Problem is I can think of 87 hundred things I'd rather do!

  5. I don't mind painting as long as the room is empty. And I had seen that media chart. Nice to know I'm getting my info from good sources.

  6. Painting is just grewsome! I was pretty good at all aspects, but it's been a long, long time.

  7. That water situation is very serious. Good job on that painting. I did that when I sold my house and invited friends to help me. I don't think I could have done it my self.