Saturday, January 22, 2022

Fog and Car Washes

Ah winter..... It lingers.  We're not having the temperatures in the teens anymore, but the fog has been pretty relentless. We are, however, taking solace in the fact that we should be rewarded with nine months where a person can go outside and not perish from the heat.  This morning we had actual ice fog.

The tree sort of mid photo is covered in ice.  It was pretty cool.

Yesterday afternoon we decided to go to the car wash in Spokane Valley.  It's touchless, and has under carriage flush.  I was expecting it to cost a lot more money than it did, we got everything except tire shine, which is when they put shiny stuff on the sidewalls of the tires.  There is no touching!  They hose you down at the entrance, then you go through the tunnel and at the end there are big blowers and they finish it off with hand drying.  We'll go back.

The Arizona Democrats have officially censured Sinema.  I truly hope that means the DNC will not give her money when she runs in 2024.  Representative Rubin Gallego (D-AZ) is being encouraged by other Democrats to primary her.  I would really like to see her only have one term.  

Meidas Touch has succeeded in getting a Biden ad placed on Fox and Friends.  You can see it if you go here.  This has to be making Carlson and Hannity nuts.  It's 30 seconds, totally worth watching.

Finally, why did this need to be said?


  1. I don't understand Sinema, is she a plant? A double cross!
    You certainly are having weather! WOW. No worries, summer will be fabulous - all four days of it! No, really, you know that the area is gorgeous in the summer. You will be glad.
    Is Nigel hydra-head on FOX now??? Must have gotten the boot- UK hates his little weasel self.

  2. I hope you're right and there will be 9 months of more temperate weather in the area. Last summer, when we were there to escape the desert heat, it sooo very hot!

  3. I'm almost speechless, who would think it would be a good idea to allow a wild cat into a home? It's a beautiful cat and I'm a cat person...but no.

    The ice covered trees do look pretty!

  4. No salt from snow and ice but from salt air at the beach. We had a beach house growing up and I would always hose off the car and undercarriage before heading back to the city.

    I don't think Sinema plans to run for reelection. And it wouldn't surprise me a bit to learn that the republicans have been paying her under the table.

  5. Ha! Are people letting them inside?!

    I don't understand Sinema at all. I thought she was doing all this to curry favor with conservative Arizona, but if she's not planning to run again (as Ellen said above) what gives?

    I know what you mean about winter lingering, but it IS only January. :)

  6. I love it when trees are covered in hoar frost or ice, although the ice is harder on them. Best of all, though, I love it when trees are covered in green leaves. I miss green in the winter time.

  7. I do think Simema was a plant, and Manchin is bought and paid for. Sigh. My fantasy is a Dem sweep in the midterms, let it be so. Your fog looks lovely and poetic, though I'm sure best appreciated from indoors. I happen to love going through the kind of car wash you describe here. It feels like a little adventure to me every time.

  8. We've had the fog too although no snow or ice. (thankfully!) That is a pretty "kitty" but definitely an outdoor one!!

  9. That ad is priceless. Let's go, Brandon!
    Simema was not a disappointment as much as a fraud. Perhaps a plant, as noted above.