Saturday, December 4, 2021

The New Laptop is Here

Greetings Earthlings!  Have you missed me?  I have missed my key board desperately.  Thumb typing on the phone makes my hands hurt and it's a pain in the butt.  This time I have purchased a Lenovo.  The HP Pavillions were dropping like flies with great regularity, so we've switched brands.  Hopefully this one will last longer.  And hopefully I will do a better job of backing up files in the future.  I lost a huge file of things I'd scraped from the internet which kind of hurts.  It was a highly curated list of images that were disrespectful to the former president.  Oh well, he's gone, I should get over it.  Most of my photos, except for 2007 were backed up.  Why on earth did I not make copies of anything from 2007?  Losing my bookmarks was also painful.

So, I have not been able to blog about how much I hate the Supreme Court and Republicans in general.  I am just furious about what liars they are.  During their confirmation hearings they all said they had no thoughts on Roe, or that it was settled law and what is the first thing they do?  They're going to over turn it.  Then they'll be after abortion drugs, Plan B and eventually they'll work their way down to banning contraception.  I just can't stand it.  Anyway, moving on to the daily trivia of daily life. 

Winter requires a lot of clothing.  Much more so than life in the desert.  We've been trying to organize all of the outer wear.  Now we have a bench near the garage door so we can quit piling up coats and gloves in the laundry room sink on the way out.  It's also good for bags of groceries coming in.

We also have a peg rack for hats so we can quit piling hats on the washing machine.

We ordered a second rack for jackets so we can keep a couple in the laundry room.

We're having trouble getting closure on some items.  The snow blower arrived with a bent axle.  They won't send us a new one until we return the old one.  They're supposed to send a shipping label via email, but it hasn't arrived.  The gas log fireplace is not working because the gas valve is broken.  We're not convinced the service people ordered it, so more phone calls there.  Then there is the shower enclosure.....

The first trip out, the installers said the door was too big.  It wouldn't close, and a new one would have to be ordered.  Instead, they ordered a fixed panel, because it's cheaper, and the measurements were to be such that the door would fit nicely against it.  Nope, huge gap on one side of the door.  Two days later the salesman called and said he could make this work.  So he and another guy came out and after three hours they did make it work.  It involved channels that raised the fixed panel and stuff and things lined up well.  However, the door is scratched, another door must be ordered.  It is lovely, however.  The bathroom seems larger than before.

There has been hiking.  We went up the hill today in 37 degrees.  It was ok.  There is no bad weather, only bad kit.

There have been a couple of good sunsets.

Other than these paltry odds and ends, I have zippity doo dah all to say.


  1. I'm feeling the same rage as you about the Supreme Court and our return to the 1950s.I thought we'd made SOME progress and it feels like every bit of it is getting wiped away. I hate things that don't fit, are scratched, are bent, etc. It extends an already long process and adds a lot of stress. I'm dealing with a plumbing leak and the ensuing damage; I am anticipating some similar frustrating situations with workers and materials. Ugh. Glad you have a new laptop. I am the Kiss of Death to all of mine after about 2 years.

  2. I just can't bear to watch the news anymore. So Biden caught a cold from his grandson. Don't all grandparents do that? But oh my word he's dying!! How stupid.

    I got a new Acer laptop. My old Acer is almost 9 years old and is still working but I wanted the new one before it totally died. Some of my files didn't transfer but Jim is working on that for me. The majority made it through ok. Good luck with yours.

  3. Glad you've been reunited with your keyboard.

    As a Canadian, I can only watch in horror to what is happening in the Supreme Court in the USA. Hopefully there are enough rational voices to uphold the law. Or there is a way to add more judges to the court to challenge those who would overturn the law as it stands.

    Good luck with all the replacement items.

  4. Lovely sunsets! It is so frustrating to have to spend hours trying to right issues that might simply not have been wonky in the first place. So much of life is spent this way. I suppose I should stop trying to resist it and count it as just past of the process.

  5. I'm glad you got the computer and the shower (more or less) sorted. I'm worried about the SupCo but I also want to wait and see what happens. I don't think it's out of the question that they might surprise us.

  6. Glad you got a new laptop. I found that since I use so many Google products, a lot of my stuff was backed up automagically when I got my latest laptop (yes, an HP). But I am fairly good about backups. I try to do it on the first of the month -- photos, password database, house building stuff, and a few other items. Every six months or so, I back up my email (I use Thunderbird). Losing stuff is no fun.

  7. I don't think they are going to completely overturn Roe, just uphold the states' right to restrict it so some states will restrict it and some will not. I could be wrong about that. Also, no way will they be able to do away with birth control.

    Glad you got your new laptop. Sorry to hear about the problem with the shower. Wouldn't a coat rack be a better option than the bench?

  8. Glad you're baaaack... and yeah, when Computers take a dump, or Phones, and you lose things, it's difficult not to hurt about what has been Lost. I have a new Computer and Phone, since the Ancient Ones died all at once, most were Older than my Middle Aged Adult Children, so I can't complain, they're enhanced a lot of Technology since then. *LOL* As for the Political Scene, it is becoming all the more terrifying and devolved, isn't it? The Lunatic Fringe has infiltrated and their Radicalized Ideology and Cult fanaticism isn't something that will go away. Once they've tipped over into being that detached to Reality and Sanity, the Nation will have to find a way to Deal with them more effectively than it currently is... or Democracy is doomed to never be functional in any meaningful way again. Usually I'm a Hopeless Optimist, but I have a feeling of absolute dread about things worsening and by 2024 being completely dysfunctional. Behavior tolerated has now become behavior accepted and it's all Good until it goes Bad.

  9. The quality of products today is sadly lacking. I hope the new computer works out for you. The loss of bookmarks is indeed a pain in the butt. You are certainly a hardy soul, hiking in the cold weather. Its 54 degrees here today and I'm freezing.