Thursday, December 2, 2021

It's Still Dead, Jim

The lap top remains steadfastly dead.  There were two episodes of a check sum bad error message, but it would turn off after a second, too quick to repeatedly press F10 to get the attention of the BIOS.  Finally there was the zzzzzt crackle noise which signified the end had arrived.  It's dead, Jim.

 Costco tracking says my new laptop will arrive tomorrow. We will see. I have discovered that there is speech to text capability in blogger. It's really awful.  I'm not sure if it's faster to talk or type. Talk requires a lot of word fixing.

I have learned how to upload pictures from my phone into a post. What I don't know is how to de-res the photos.   Google does not like photos photos larger than 800 pixels.

 These are my incredibly cute bears. 

I  don't know how people do everything on a phone. This is driving me crazy.. I think I will close now.
Update to post.  I got a new laptop. I have found an ancient .exe for picassa 2.7, which is not so great.  However, it will de-resolution the photos so that is good.  Now I am continuing with the laptop set up. 


  1. I can do spelling and spacing corrections on my phone and occasionally insert a photo, but write a whole blog post. Heck, NO!

  2. You are a tech wiz! I can only answer my phone and take photos that turn out unwell.

  3. I blogged from the phone occasionally for a brief time back in the aughts but it was so long ago that any hints I may have learned then would be obsolete. (Photo resolution was much lower, for example!)

  4. I wouldn't even try to blog on my phone. I have a hard enough time with FB.

    The bears are adorable!

  5. I can type the blog on the phone and if it's just words I could publish it from the phone. But I sooo much prefer my laptop and if there are pictures involved it's only the laptop.

    Having some record warmth down here but supposed to cool down closer to the average (67) next week.

  6. I don't know that I will ever be able to use my phone like my computer. My fingers need keys, I think.

  7. I only read Blogs on my Phone, I don't Blog on it nor answer my Comments on it... The Younger Generation is bound to have some really gnarly Thumbs by the time they are our age I think.