Sunday, November 29, 2020

Three Days After Thanksgiving

Greetings and Salutations.  I trust this finds you all very well.  Here in the SW we are finally getting the payoff for dying from the heat all summer.  Last Friday was a tad chilly all day.  We gave ourselves a stern talking to about not being weather weenies and got on the bikes.  It was cold!  We cut out a down hill section of the route and added a hill to stave off frostbite.  Today was much better, and the rest of the week is looking good.  Unfortunately, it's getting down to 37 at night, so it takes awhile for the day to warm up.  Actually, it doesn't really matter, what else do we have to do?

Arizona has stopped accepting Covid-19 patients from out of state.  Case numbers are rising, free ICU beds are dropping.  One can only hope that one is not in a terrible car accident at this time.  Jenna and Rudy are coming to Phoenix tomorrow for another airing of grievances.  It's inside, no masks will be worn.  I really hate these people for their indifference to the pressure they're placing on the health care system.  

I took some pictures, which I will share with you, since I have zippity doo-dah all to report.  I took these in the afternoon, when the sun was getting low.  That's the hop seed hedge and the palm tree that belongs to the neighbor behind us.

The always lovely Golden Gate mountain, with a Queen Palm foreground.

I was reading an article about how Utah is being over run by people who are stir crazy from being cooped up by the pandemic.  They mentioned the large number of novice hikers going up to Angel's Landing.  Full disclosure:  I started up, but my knees were going up and down because the trail scared me so badly. We did not ever hike that trail.  Anyway, had we done it, this is what we would have seen at the top.

Here is twitter humor.  In one of his call in interviews on Fox, the orange wombat was heard to say that if you were a Republican poll watcher, you were treated worse than dogs.  I don't think he understands how "dog" works in the US.


Other than this paltry offering, I have nothing interesting to add.  We continue to isolate and await a vaccine.


  1. that Angel's Landing is gorgeous. too bad you haven't seen it but I get 'scary trails'.

    I do not understand what the republicans hope to achieve by supporting, or at the very least remaining silent about, this constant attack on the election. and the ones who are out there actively lying and making false charges with no proof like one of my senators Ted Cruz. the man tweets outright lies. today he claimed that the Democrat party was the party of the rich and the GOP was the party of the working class!

  2. Lovely views. I've been on a few very scary trails myself in AZ though mostly we drove rather than hiked (ie: Apache Trail).

  3. Republican poll watchers were not treated worse than dogs. Republican poll disrupters may have been sent packing. Poll watchers are good people. They stand for hours and just watch that an honest election is conducted. They are good, hard working people too, and probably disliked poll disruptors as much as the next guy.

  4. I did Angels Landing so I know you could have, too. My knees have never been the same since, though.
    I love that photo of the dog!

  5. Angel's Landing looks spectacular. Is that in Zion?