Wednesday, November 4, 2020

The Election Because What Else is There?

Good grief.  It's November 4 and we don't know yet.  Nevada has suspended counting until tomorrow, for some unknown reason.  They'll be accepting ballots for a week after the 3rd so I guess they won't declare until then.  The orange wombat is making noise about stopping the vote counting, except for Wisconsin where he wants a recount.  Double standard much?

We were supposed to get up and ride this morning, but neither one of us were really up for it, so we didn't. Yesterday was spent in existential dread, neither one of us ate enough which was part of the decision not to ride.  I have never been this anxious, for such a long period of time, ever.

Here are some attractive sunsets as a distraction.

It's very weird.  I no longer recognize this country.  The level of racism, misogyny and general hatefulness is just shocking.  I honestly thought that more people would want the wombat gone and the current administration replaced with a functioning one.  One of the recurring themes during exit polling was that the number of deaths due to Covid-19 weren't the wombat's fault; he'd done the best he could.  HuffPost says that "the report, which included results from 139 counties in 19 different states, found that Trump made a 4% jump in votes ― increasing from 50.1% in 2016 to 54.1% in 2020 ― in areas highly impacted by the coronavirus."  He's killing them and they're voting for him.  

The wombat says he will file suit in the Michigan Court of Claims saying that they have been denied meaningful access to the counting process;  and they want to review all of the previously counted ballots.  (Update to post:  They did file it.)  So, it's starting now, the attempt to delegitimize the process.   The poll challengers in Detroit are now chanting "stop the count."  This is anarchy at its finest.

If you have time, click on the link here and listen to Mr. Glaude.  That was some powerful message he spoke.  It's worth your while.


  1. Wow, those were some very powerful words! Thanks for sharing that link. I stayed up late last night watching the news but this morning I couldn't bring myself to turn it on. I did watch any news until 5:00 tonight. I have been reading all the texts from friends so I knew what was happening, I just didn't expose myself to the stress of watching the news.

    1. I was just transfixed listening to him. Brilliant.

  2. Nice distracting sunsets! It's a slow process, but we're getting there. I have faith we're going to get across the line. I don't get the coronavirus response either -- except that people just aren't paying adequate attention.

  3. I just don't have any words to express my sadness that people are so blind.

  4. We are just baffled by the percentage of voters who chose trump. Just imagine how well he would have done had there not been a pandemic. Frightening.
    Glaude is quite an impressive speaker!

  5. I don't know what to say, except way too many of us are blind. Mr. Glaude has it right.

  6. we didn't watch Tuesday night. could not. the news Wed morning was not what I wanted to hear but as the day wore on I felt better. today? I haven't felt this good since Trump was appointed by the EC. all his lawsuits are being thrown out, a federal judge is forcing the post office to deliver languishing votes to states that will still accept them by end of day today, the SC (his SC) ruled against him to get some votes thrown out. I am shocked how many people still voted for Trump. not the third that we all expected and hoped for less with all the republican defectors but nearly half the population. this country is more fucked up than I thought.