Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Thanksgiving Eve

The loser presidential lunacy continues unabated.  Today, in Gettysburg, Rudy and Jenna held a "hearing" which has been compared to the "airing of grievances" from the Seinfeld show.  Basically they got nothing, but they're whining without ceasing.  The orange wombat called in on Jenna's cell phone which she held up to the microphone, and the wombat wailed for 10 minutes.  It was pitiful.  He's inviting Republican legislators to come to the White House to brow beat them into selecting a different set of electors.  PA law forbids that.  Today, the wombat pardoned Mike Flynn.  The terms of the pardon are not yet public.  Wombat is such a criminal.  Being a criminal is just business as usual in this administration.

So how is your week going?  We made the decision not to set foot in a grocery store this week, due to crowding for the stocking up for the American day of over consumption.  The downside to that decision is that there will be no pie.  Quelle domage.  We don't actually need pie, we just like it.  Our steenking chicken is still frozen pretty hard, hopefully he'll thaw out by tomorrow.

There has been riding Monday and today.  We're both feeling stronger, it may be time to introduce another hill into the route.  This happened Monday.  See the fuzzy thing at the end of the arrow?  That's a cholla pup.  They get flipped up by the front wheel and lodge in my flesh.  If you look carefully, you can see it pulling on my skin.  It was a minor impaling, the last one was in way deeper.

We're losing upper body strength due to not going to the gym.  I tried ordering hand weights on Amazon.  Nope, not in stock yet.  Dick's out east had one weight we wanted, and Dick's up north had the other weight.  I've ordered a weight bench from Amazon, but it won't be here until mid-January, what with the broken supply chain and all.  Anyway, we drove east, then north and then tried to go home.  Nope!  The road we were on was not moving much.  In fact, forward progress was only being made because cars in front of us were turning around.  As it turned out, at the intersection of our street and AZ86 one could go neither to the right or left.  We turned around, tried to get to the alternate route.  Nope!  Another crash had that one closed.  We turned around, and ended up going over Gates Pass.  It took forever to get back to the house.  The light was pretty good, it was close to being the golden hour, so it was a pretty drive.

The amount of price gouging on Amazon is amazing.  I'm running low on Aleve, but they're inflated the cost to the point that I decided just to wait for the next Costco trip and hope they have it in stock.  It's irritating, they're no better than privateers.  

In news of the good, the Army Corps of Engineers has denied the request for a permit to mine for gold and copper in the Bristol Bay watershed in Alaska.   It's one of the last best salmon fisheries, and destroying that would have been devastating.  Hopefully, President Biden will be able to put the kibosh on that forever, but it will depend on what support Murdering Mitch will give to the effort.  You can read more about it here.

Other than that, I have nothing much intelligent to say.


  1. I googled Cholla pup, and it came up for sale on ETSY for $155.00 for one plant. Why would anyone want it? A plant that stabs, no thank you. Ouch. But if I ever got another bitey puppy, Cholla might be a great name!

  2. You are right to keep riding.
    We have been staying in because of the stormy weather, or walking because it is safer than getting blown off! Weights are important, even if you improvise!
    A diversion because of a crash often turns out fortunate, a gift to see what we wouldn't otherwise. You have some beautiful photos there

  3. Happy Thanksgiving. I keep telling myself that this will end someday and be ok. I hope I'm right. Cholla are vicious.

  4. I do not understand Trump's continued insistence that he won and there was massive fraud and his ridiculous attorneys. even without the few states he continues to badger, Joe won. and Mnuchin sending back those billions of dollars to get them out of Biden's reach to jump start the economy and help those in dire need, doing what they can to cripple his incoming administration, creating as many fires as possible.

    I used to go to the gym regularly but once we moved out here there wasn't a gym. there is now but I'd already lost the habit. I do yoga instead. it keeps me strong, flexible, and helps with balance.

  5. Beautiful landscapes! I hadn't even heard about Giuliani/Ellis and Trump's latest appearance. I guess the media are slowly phasing him out, as they should.

  6. I hadn't heard about the Giuliani conference either. What an embarrassment, the whole lot of them.

  7. Ouch on the cholla, but glad you're getting out and riding. I also made a vow not to go to the grocery store this week, but we did walk to the Tues. pm outdoor farmer's market (everyone's masked up) for fresh veggies. We managed to buy everything ahead of time, even a turkey breast at Costco, so we're taking shifts in the kitchen to make various dishes now. It's going to be a feast with plenty of leftovers, which makes all the work worthwhile. Happy Thanksgiving to you both!

  8. I read about the denial of the mining company a permit for Bristol Bay. One small step...
    And yes, the Amazon price gouging is obscene!

  9. Honest-to-god, I think cholla pups jump off when you walk past the parent cactus!