Friday, November 6, 2020

Cloudy and the End is in Sight

It's been cloudy, which is odd for November.  Yesterday and today were very pleasant riding days since the sun was not drilling into our heads.  

Here is my favorite church with clouds behind it.

This is the early morning desert with clouds.

It certainly appears as if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have won.  Apparently the cry baby in chief is threatening to barricade himself in the oval office instead of leaving with dignity.  Good, fine, whatever.  Send US Marshalls to escort him out and arrest him for trespassing on inauguration day.  He's also threatening to boycott the swearing in of the 46th president.  I hope he does, I don't ever want to see him or his evil spawn again.

Meanwhile, we wait for the networks to call it.  My guess is that after the Associated Press went way too early on Arizona, they're all afraid of getting it wrong.  He's got Nevada, there is no path there, and I'm fairly certain he has Arizona.  So, it's over!  

Perhaps this is why none of the networks will call the election? Call it, already!

From The Saturday Paper in Australia, we have this.  


  1. Thank you Australia - fabulous!
    This image of a 10-year-old poor sport on the playground keeps crossing my mind.

  2. I don't know why they won't call it. Biden has, this morning, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Arizona with 97% or more of the votes counted. Biden leads by over 7,000 in Georgia and 22,000 in Nevada and nearly 30,000 each in the other two. and no Rick, we don't need to give them any time to reconcile to their loss. I mean, really, how much time did they give us after Trump was appointed?

  3. OMG, time to process their feelings. This is no millenial president. His kids, on the other hand. Have you seen any of Political's farewells to the children and Millenia?

  4. And they call us "snowflakes"!