Monday, October 5, 2020

The Wombat has Returned to the House

The wombat has been released back to the White House.  He walked up the stairs and removed his mask, standing at the top, visibly short of breath. After photographs he walked in to the White House to greet the people who awaited him, not wearing a mask.  Jeez Louise.  He's going to kill everybody he encounters.

I can't believe he said this, "don't be afraid of Covid."  He keeps talking about the amazing drugs developed on his watch that fixed him right up.  No one can have the monoclonal antibody cocktails  except him and clinical trials.  He's lying again. This pandemic is never ever ever going to be over because he keeps encouraging stupid behavior.   The thought of Joe Biden being in the same room with him for the next debate just chills my soul.

Watch this clip taken from a different angle, the link to the video is HERE    A still image is below.  I know that look, I used to have it when I had pneumonia.

So, it's going from bad to worse.  He's left a negative pressure room, is back in the White House touching things with his tiny Covid covered hands and he's not wearing a mask.  One wonders how many people he will kill.


  1. There are no words for his callousness. It is truly unbelievable and I'm sure there are many of his deranged followers who will think he's the second coming. I guess a few already do.

  2. But, surely no one is surprised by the "quick" recovery. He has to do something to up his ratings and taking credit for drugs that are still in trial and not available is his way. I wonder if he was truly even sick - huffing and puffing may be because he's obese.

    1. Me and my spousal unit have been wondering if he actually had it. I just can't believe that many doctors would have been complicit in that fraud, as well as risking their medical licenses. However, he's a crook, he's always been a crook, so who knows.

  3. as usual it only about him and he hates looking weak. I'm pretty sure he has it, too many of his inner circle are sick, just look at him on the balcony visibly struggling to breathe. that's not from obesity. like you said it would be too many doctors being complicit in a hoax. painting a rosier picture of his progress is one thing, pretending he's sick is something else. I think he's sicker than he will admit and the next five days or so are crucial.

  4. yet, there he is getting ALL of the focus and attention...met his goal as usual.