Friday, October 9, 2020

A New Appliance

Well crap, in addition to all of the other things that are making me crazy, my new blogger work around just stopped working.  The url that was directing me to the old blogger is being redirected to the new blogger.  It's like having my bright shiny toy taken away by the mean bully.  I see they still have not restored the ability to jump through old posts 100 at a time the way it used to be.  If you want to go fix a broken link in a post from five years ago, you'll probably die of old age before you get to it.  It's just stupid.  You must scroll and wait for more to be loaded, it's a laborious and slow process.

Also on my list of things to hate is the orange wombat's refusal to say if he's testing negative before hosting more super spreader events.  I noticed Dr. Fauci was on television today referring to the Rose Garden Massacre as a super spreader event.  Apparently he's stopped asking for permission and is going on national television to speak the truth.  Meanwhile, the Fox doctors are still saying it's no worse than the flu, don't worry be happy, and there will be monoclonal antibody cocktails for all.  Lies, and damn lies.

I have noticed that if you do not want all of your html in one continuous line, you must go to the html view and hit the enter key to cause a break in the html itself.  There will be a new line number, and an increased ability to figure out what html goes with what text.  I guess it goes without saying that the old way was better.

The only item of any significance to have happened in the house is the new refrigerator.  We bought this one two or so years ago, and the water dispenser dripped the entire time.  Repeated attempt to stop it were fruitless.  It dripped when we were gone for the summer, depositing a lot of calcium on the lever and the tray.  It was just annoying given how expensive it was.

This is the new one, it's a side by side.  It does not drip.  It's also not a counter depth unit and has more capacity. 

We were fairly apprehensive about how far out from the counter it would be, and while it is farther than the old one, I can live with it for the extra internal volume.

Mornings are cooler than they have been, resulting in 15 to 20 extra minutes of sleep on ride days.  It's amazing how much earlier it gets dark at night.  Given where the sun is setting at the moment, there have been zero good sunsets.  This is from the top of one of the dirt trails.

The always popular side yard in the morning.  See all of the black dots on the flagstones?  They're from the tall palm tree.  Apparently the birds do not eat them which is unfortunate.

So that's it from the house of general grumpiness.


  1. Nice looking fridge. The days are definitely shorter but the cooler nights are sure nice. We have an old needy dog so we dont get any extra sleep. I have no words left to describe how I feel about the state of our country. Only tears and fears.

  2. Trump ranted and raved like a crazy man for two hours on the phone to the Rush Limbaugh show. Two hours!

    that redirect is what happened to me the first time I tried the sneak around.

  3. The desert is pretty and it's nice when the temps fall below 100 degs. I don't understand why anyone would show up at any of his events, specially now when he just might still be contagious.

  4. Just as I was finally getting used to the new blogger, you find something that I didn't know about. Since I have gone back into the old posts several times recently to correct things, I'm not looking forward to that task again.
    Your new fridge looks great!

  5. Can't you just search for whatever post you want to correct, and then hit the edit tool at the bottom of the post to correct the links? I don't understand why you have to scroll through a bunch of old posts, unless I'm misunderstanding what you're doing. Whenever I need to go back to an old post I just search for it and boom, there it is!

    It's so funny to see American refrigerators now that I've been in Europe for ten years. The fridges here are so small by comparison. (Which can be a challenge!)

  6. I wonder if the perfect Blogger ever will be formulated, or perhaps we old bloggers will just die away, and solve the problem.