Sunday, October 11, 2020

Political Humor

Ho hum.  Quarantine continues, it's the weekend so we don't leave the house for any of the stores due to excessive numbers of people on the move.  I read somewhere that 1 out of 40 people is currently infected in Arizona. We're not even a hot spot.  This morning, WAPO had North Dakota as the worst state for case counts.  Of course, Florida wouldn't report yesterday, so who knows how bad they really are.

A couple of days ago, Jamie Harrison was slated to debate Lindsey Graham.  Graham refused to get tested for Covid which Harrison wanted since Graham was at the Rose Garden Massacre.  So, Harrison wouldn't be on stage with him.  The local news gave Harrison 30 minutes, and then Graham.  It was unfortunate that they didn't live debate, since Harrison gave Graham a whoopin during the first debate.  Anyway, during the forum, the topic was how to address civil unrest in South Carolina.  And this was Graham's response.

“If you’re a young African American, an immigrant, you can go anywhere in this state, you just need to be conservative, not liberal,” Graham said.

That is one of the most stupid things I've ever heard from a politician.

Here is political humor from twitter.  I've put a still photo below, and you can click on the video here.  It's funny, only takes about 15 seconds. 

There is also this.

And this.

It's a slow day, this is all I have to offer.


  1. thanks for the chuckle. I knew the Regeneron was expensive but wow!

  2. ^^^ What Ellen Abbott said! And didn't Twitler say that he wanted it to be available to everyone, for free? Bwah-hah-hah!!!!

  3. I had the radio on a couple of hours ago when I heard a Trump supporter from AZ interviewed. She said she would do anything for the man, he was sent by god. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I'd love to know how she came to that conclusion. He's a racist, liar, conman, cheater and fraud. I wonder what god she was referring to.

  4. I saw that statement by Lindsey Graham, absolutely stupid, what does it even mean. What an absurd reality we are navigating. How is it that some people will follow Trump to the ends of the earth? I dont get it.

  5. That is one expensive cure our president had.

  6. I wonder why the cases are so high in the Dakotas? Seems like it would be much easier to socially distance there! I think Lindsey Graham has lost his mind.