Thursday, July 16, 2020

Totally Angry

I don't think I have been this angry, for this amount of time in my entire life.  This administration is just bat shit crazy as well as corrupt.

Today he held another campaign rally on the south lawn of the White House, funded by our tax dollars.  Ostensibly it was to tout his removal of regulations that are going to set businesses free to go pollute the earth and make more money.  However, he just could not help himself and he got back on the subject of low water pressure.

There was more, but I'll spare you. He finished strong with the following quote.  If you want to play the video of this word salad (and you should), go here.  He is seriously deranged.

However, what is really elevating my level of anger is the removal of hospital data from the CDC and giving it to HHS to reside on a platform developed by a sole source bidder.  After the CDC web page went blank today, there was an uproar.  HHS told CDC to put it back, so they did.  They put the data up to July 14 back.  They then announced that after today, CDC would no longer update the pages.  This kills the work of epidemiologists and people trying to make sense of the trends and just how terrible things are.  Johns Hopkins will still be able to run their dash board because they deal directly with the states.  This is how banana republics, and Florida, work.  If you don't like the numbers, don't publish them.  There is an article here.

Other news that was revealed today is that the orange man directed US security services to provide data to our ally, Putin.  Putin has used the data to track down people and kill them.  The EU is cutting us off from what they know because we can not be trusted.  Orange man still has not said one word about Putin paying the Taliban to target US soldiers in Afghanistan.  Jenna Ellis, the Senior Legal Advisor to the orange campaign, appeared on RT today.  RT would be one of the propaganda wings of Putin.  They're not even trying to hide it anymore.

In other news, the optical department at Costco has re-opened.  This surprises me somewhat, because things are worse now than when they closed it. 

Once again we've been spurned by monsoon.  There was rain west of us, but none here.


  1. There will be a helluva lotta cleanup come next January 21.

  2. I agree with Joanne. Between the damage of the virus and the overwhelming damage of lack of leadership, the clean up will be monumental.

  3. I read that tweet about levels of thought that people believed very strongly we didn't have in this country and I burst out laughing. But then I kept reading, and my mood turned as dark again at the removal of data from the CDC, and the release of people's personal details to Putin's murderous regime, and the lack of any accountability to for the bounties of the heads of US soldiers. Honestly, sometimes I cannot take it all in. My rage is incandescent. As I imagine yours is, too. It's probably the only sane response. I am also obsessed with the concern that Putin/China/Kim Jong Un's hackers with steal the election in November. I want to think great minds are already working on preventing this but sometimes, I am despairing. Hang in there, ok? Levels of thought such as yours are sorely needed. Love.

  4. The levels of thought quote is epic. It would be hilarious if it weren't so horribly, head-shakingly ridiculous. The fact that Drumpf considers himself a deep thinker tells you pretty much all you need to know. I too am mad as hell about the CDC data shifting to the HHS and am seriously worried, like 37paddington above, about the election being rigged or stolen. Even though my level of thought can't possibly rise to that of our Twitler in chief, these things are extremely bothersome to me.

  5. I can't get angry anymore. I am weary. the whole country is weary of him and his petulance and bigotry and name calling and retaliation and corruption and on and on and on, just all of it. he is a traitor to this country and the evidence just piles up. at this point he must know he's going to lose and so he engaging in a scorched earth policy. if he can't be president then he will just burn the house down. sending his secret police to Portland, turning everything over to Putin. turning his back on the military he claims to love. and you think this is bad just wait, he will still have almost three months before he is kicked out. and the republicans do NOTHING.

  6. The thing I do not understand is this - everyday, regular people I consider smart, well-read, compassionate individuals are rabid re-elect trump supporters. Why do they not see what is happening?