Sunday, July 12, 2020


It's HOT!  It was 108 before noon.  We were out briefly cleaning up debris from last night's attempt at monsoon.  Yesterday was interesting, and hot.  Around 2:45 there was a power hit, and the air conditioning stopped working.  Yep, second hottest day of the year and the a/c was off.  It was showing an error code for a mechanical fault in the blower motor.  After 30 minutes, it started working again.  I guess the power excursion caused it to show a bad error code, mechanical stuff doesn't generally fix itself.  About 7 pm we had two more drops in the power.  If that happens when the TV is on, then the TV starts yelling at us during the reboot cycle.  It's weird, it's a computer generated voice, and all of the spaces between words are taken out, making her difficult to understand.  Fortunately, the reboot almost always finishes without human intervention.  Then about 8 pm we got a really strong straight line wind from the east, 15 minutes of a torrential downpour, followed by about half a hour of lightning and then it quit.  

We were lucky, this morning 12,000 people were out of power.  Trees were down and there was some localized flooding.  We're at the tip of the arrow, and were not in the areas affected by power outages.

The vegetable matter in the entry way is always amusing.  The wind comes from the east, hits the wall that goes around the yard, and makes a sharp left under the gate and in to the entry way.  That is a mix of bougainvillea petals, leaves from next door, and palm tree bits.

A dove on the agave.  They really like that flower spike.

Last night I was staring out of the front window when movement caught my eye.  It was a coyote sniffing the front gate.  He sniffed and then left.

The orange man took himself to Walter Reed yesterday for a photo op.  Ostensibly he was visiting wounded soldiers.  These would be the same soldiers that Putin is paying the Taliban to kill.  Anyway, he wore a mask.  However, he just could not do it correctly.  It's just sad.

Today I have a sore throat, and my temperature is 98.6, normally I'm 97.6, so of course I am flipping out wondering if I have the plague.  I still have my sense of smell, so that's good.  There will be no going to the hospital for us, they're full.  Recent Covid-19 patients are being kept in the hallways and the ER so there is zero point in it.  I did order more batteries for the thermometer, just in case.  I read somewhere that you can't buy roller skates anymore, people looking for exercise during the pandemic have sucked them all up.  So, no bicycles, hand weights, home gyms, thermometers, flour, sugar or wheeled shoes.  Now we'll know what to hoard when the latest swine flu gets here from China.

Welp, all of our cleanup was for naught.  There's thunder in the distance, the wind is up, and leaves are flying through the air.

There was rain.  This is the water coming off the shed roof that covers the patio.


  1. Send your monsoons this way,, please. They can't seem to get cranked up this year for some reason...

  2. At least your plants are happy. We have had 2 blasts of localized monsoon activity and got a decent amount of rain both times.

  3. this is a killer summer. it's only mid-July and we're already having late August temps. and no rain.

    I'm sure you saw that staged 'perp' walk with Trump turning the corner in the hall at the head of a group of military men as if he is some kind of great leader, all wearing masks. of course as soon as the photo op was done he reverted to type.

  4. It's good to hear that you are getting some rain down there because it's dry as a bone up here. We haven't even had a hint of a monsoon storm this year. Soon, the orange one will be saying that he never said masks weren't necessary and that he's worn one all along. And, of course his followers will believe him in spite of the recorded evidence to the contrary.

  5. Rain can be so soothing. I hope it is for you. Take care of yourself, and I hope that sore throat goes away, that its not covid, and if it is, that you have a very mild case and lots of antibodies afterward. Love.

  6. Wow, that's a lot of water coming off your roof! Do you ever need water for your garden or yard? You could capture it in a barrel and save it for when it's needed. I hadn't seen that photo of Trump. Cripes, that man!

  7. Power outage is bad most of the time, however AC outage in AZ is terrible! Happened to us once and a part had to be ordered. Just about all non working hours were spent sitting in the pool!!