Monday, June 15, 2020

SCOTUS Confirms LBGTQ Rights

Today was an astounding day.  The Supreme Court ruled that employers may not fire people because of their sexual orientation.  Even more astonishing was Justice Gorsuch wrote the decision, and based it on the literal words in Title Seven of the Civil Rights Act.  Alito tried to argue that in 1964 "sex" never would have applied to LBGTQ people.  I am hopeful that this will negate the orange man signing the declarations that LBGTQ people are not protected under the ACA and that trans people can't serve in the military.

Mrs. Betty Bowers was funny on twitter.  

And there was this.

The FDA has withdrawn its emergency use approval of hydroxychoroquine, citing the fact that it doesn't help and can cause death due to fatal arrhythmias.  The orange man had a hard time accepting that, saying that "many people" felt it had saved their lives.  Tell that to the patients at the VA who died while taking it.  Anyway, that worm Azar commented that people could still take it off label if their doctor would prescribe it.  Admit you were wrong, worm people!

There was a massive Denial of Service Attack today.  Phone networks, Instagram, Twitter, et al. were affected.  It's too bad the orange man fired the Cyber Security department.  That was after they fired the Pandemic Response team.  How did that work out?

Today was much like every other day, but with less wind.  The Bighorn fire has spread to 14,000 acres.  Summerhaven, which is a small community at the top of Mt. Lemon has been warned they may have to evacuate.  This is not good.

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  1. whatever the denial of service attack was it didn't affect us here where I am. and yeah, fired the cyber security team. good going you goon.

    and the SC decision was surprising and a little ray of hope. did you see the tweet where the guy mused if Alito thinks we should go back to the 1963 understanding of 'sex' will he insist on going back to the founder's understanding of 'guns'?