Sunday, June 14, 2020

Fruit and Defunding

Well, I guess blogger is trying to force me off the legacy platform right now.  The upload photos box comes up blank.  No photos can be loaded.  I went over to the new one and uploaded and then went back.  The new layout and the stupid meaningless icons just offend the living snot out of me.  If you ever edit html, like if you get two photos stuck together without a break between them, you'll hate that, too.  They took all of the spaces out, so it's really hard to tell where you need to put the break code. It's incredibly difficult to read now, it's all strung into one long sentence.

I have a new pod to show us.  I'm not sure what kind of tree it came from.  The color on it is really nice.

This it the saguaro on the side of the wash by the house.  It has several open fruits.  Look about dead center, there is a tiny bird eating the fruit.

They're messy looking.  I guess the flowers eject the core of jelly and seeds.

Altanta PD shot an African American in the back Friday night.  I don't understand what the overwhelming threat to their safety was since he was running away.

AOC did an interview with Marie Claire.  She was asked what defunding the police would look like.  Her response was that it would look like the white suburbs.  She's got a point there.  You can find the interview here.

It's really hot and really windy.  June is shaping up to be as bad as we thought it would be.  Since our case loads are sky rocketing, the thought of mall walking is just not that appealing. We've hearkened back to H1N1 days when we wouldn't spend time in a mall even though it was hot.


  1. I experienced that blank photo loader window too. But, it was working later in the day. I've seen a couple of birds eating the saguaro fruit with that red juice all over their faces.
    All this wind is not good for fires.

  2. took me forever to see the bird even though you told me where to look, it blended in so well. our unexpected 3 or 4 days of cool mornings and tolerable days are done. back to heat and humidity.

    yeah, shot him in the back three times! wasn't gonna let that (Nword) get away for sleeping in his car! used to be cops would just chase you. now they're too fat and lazy. just shoot the bastard. good for AOC.

  3. and I meant to comment on the new blogger. I hate it! they doubled the space between paragraphs, used to be I could drag and drop an image directly from the finder to the post body. can't do that now. now it takes three times the amount of clicks to get an image in. and it won't let me put two images side by side anymore either. in fact everything takes more steps now than before. I always have to revert to the legacy version to get it how I want. and every time I try to use it I send feedback telling them how much I hate it and why. won't do any good though since they are going to force us to use it at the end of the month.

  4. My eye dropped down and saw the little bird when I read it.
    Having spent three plus terms in government, paying the police, here's my take on defunding. I was at the lowest form of government, the one, our township solicitor told me, was closest to the people. They knew you and where you lived, and what kind of a person you were. So, we, those elected people, chose a police force we trusted and respected. Could be a neighboring city or village, could be the county. We wrote a contract that specified what we would have, what the police would do. And the contract did not say "an officer can shoot a person in the back." So, AOC is right, defunding the police would look like a white suberb.