Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Burning Down the House

I took this out of the car on the freeway on the way to the doctor's office yesterday.  The winds had died off and the smoke from the Bighorn fire was gently settling on the hillsides and into Tucson.  It would be pretty if it wasn't so terrible. 

When we lived in Washington, we had the same doctors starting in 1985.  It's really weird going to someone new, we had so much history with the old practice.  I didn't want to do a core dump on the new doc, so I guess I'll let the medical history dribble out as it becomes necessary.

So this week Barr and the orange man are breaking the country some more.  The administration is going to stop paying for Covid testing in Texas.  That would be one of the states whose case counts are rising.  During the Tulsa rally, orange dude said if you don't test, you don't have cases.  I wonder if he believes testing causes cases.  It would not surprise me.  The orange man is also thinking about getting rid of CDC scientists and replacing them with political appointees.  That will make things so much better.

Today, Aaron Zelinsky (former prosecutor of Roger Stone) testified that Roger Stone's case was handled differently because of his relationship with the president.  They were told to go easy on Stone, that it wasn't a hill worth dying on.  Barr apparently is just fine with that.  So now the rule of law is turning in to the rule of whoever the president likes.  So much for the law and order president.

The EU is considering not allowing people from the US into their countries, given our complete and total failure in controlling the spread of Covid-19.  It will be interesting to see how much that pisses off the president.  We already can't go to Canada or Mexico, so I guess the continent will be the next area where we're not welcome. This is how Germany sees us.

As of this writing, the orange man is speaking to a large number of young people in Phoenix, who are not wearing masks and are literally sitting shoulder to shoulder.  It's likely this will be a super spreader event, given the number of cases in Phoenix.  He just told a giant lie about the economy would pick up in third quarter and that he would not be allowing the Democrats to shut anything down.  This statement just delegitimized the importance of social distancing and wearing a mask. He would rather kill another 100,000 people to get re-elected.  Aaron Rupar is live tweeting the event, the orange man has reached the unhinged part of his presentation.  It just astonishes me that these kids' parents would allow them to go sit in that auditorium and risk death.

So, Jim and I are fairly depressed about the future.  If the president is re-elected, I don't think this country will survive four more years of his corruption and inability to deal with the virus, because he just doesn't care.  He really is going to kill us all.


  1. I wonder if things will be so bad because of Covid that he declares the democrats have unleased a monster plot to defeat him and he just gives up. It could grow that bad in a short time.

    1. It very well could. I've given up predicting how awful he could be.

  2. Trump's ignorance knows no bounds...nor his ego. He is sick in his head and soul, and he fiddles while America smolders in his wretched wake.
    Box Canyon Mark

  3. If there was ever a hill worth dying on, it's Roger Stone. Evil man. Anyone who gets Richard Nixon tattooed onto his body has basically lost all moral compass. (Or, more likely in this case, never had one to begin with.)

    I'll be interested to see how that EU rule affects me. I live in the UK, but I have an American passport, so I assume I'll be banned like everyone else.

  4. he's going to stop all federal funding for testing. I'm not even sure this country will survive til November. if he thinks more dead people is going to boost his reelection he's crazier than I thought. or stupider. I hadn't heard he's thinking about getting rid of the scientists at the CDC. Apparently he's found his wedge for the campaign...the culture war blaming the left for everything they are fighting against the right for doing. he is one evil bastard.