Sunday, June 28, 2020

Life in a Pandemic

Ho hum, in between watching the destruction of the economy, democracy and every other thing we used to hold dear by the complete imbecile in the White House, and fearing for our lives if we leave the house, things are boring.  I am particularly tired of eating.  So uninspired I was that I actually made chicken thighs breaded with corn flakes in the oven.  It was not terrible.  They don't work well as left overs at all.

These were taken last Wednesday, we had an interesting sun set.  First the clouds in the west were uplighted by the sun.

If you look to the right, you can see rays from the setting sun.  I think there is a name for that, but it escapes me at the moment.

In the summer, the sunset moves northward.  However, when there is weather, it's worth checking in the back of the house.  These are cool clouds.  I should have changed lenses so I could get more of the cloud, but these things don't last long, so one must photo while the photoing is good.

Yesterday was one of the two worst days of June.  It hit 110 and it was humid.  Just awful.  We needed to transfer two gallons of paint out of the big bucket into the small containers behind it.  This was so painful.  But first, admire the paint stirrer foreground hooked up to the drill.  That was the best $11 we have spent in some time.  Trying to stir that much paint by hand was a non-starter.  The first level of pain was getting the lid off the bucket.  It was really on there.

Then there was the stirring.  We're working in the small remaining patch of shade in the yard.

Then there was transferring the paint into the smaller containers.  Our original thought of pouring out of the big bucket was abandoned due to its weight.  Jim is using a measuring cup that had crazed and was taken out of service.  It was good, there was no cleaning of it required.

We finally got our act together and took the furniture seat cushions into the garage.  They're on the western side of the house and while they're not ruined yet, they could be.  Have you priced patio furniture lately?  It has gotten stupid expensive.  The covers for the frames and webbing should arrive today from Amazon.

Speaking of Amazon, I ordered a measuring cup March 26.  It took three full months to arrive.  It came directly from Beijing.  That is  an interesting business plan, direct ship from China.  Also interesting is that my invoice shows that it cost $8.61, and now it's priced at $27.  We will have to monitor that credit card.

It's borosilicate glass.  It's really weird, it is so light it feels like it's plastic, but it's not.  The blue markings are not as easy to read as the Pyrex red.  But hey, it's not supposed to explode in the microwave!


  1. I've been caught up in that direct ship from China. It is very interesting. Mine was some clothing that was unbelievably inferior. Your measuring cup looks sturdy, and I am unacquainted with that Pyrex problem you mention.

  2. I'm struggling to ignore the news. I just can't stand it anymore. People are so irresponsible. It makes me sad.

  3. I believe I'd have just bought a measuring cup from the grocery store. I've been taking lots of pictures of clouds lately. you know that small round plug on the top for the 5 gal bucket is for pouring paint out.

  4. I ordered a face mask that I think is coming from China. God only knows when it will get here.

    I think "crepuscular" is the word for sun rays like the ones coming over the mountain...?

  5. Good for Jim, staying busy. That is a majestic sunset.

  6. We did have some very interesting clouds toward the end of last week. I posted sunset photos from one of those days. Yesterday and today are supposed to be a nice break from that extreme heat.