Friday, June 5, 2020

More of Same in the US

Well, it's been a few days.  The sheer volume of awfulness has been transcendent.  The police have behaved abominably, and in most cases so has their entire chain of command.  There have been some videos of good policing, but the new and improved use of kettling in New York and California combined with beating protesters pretty much over shadowed what good there was.  I've seen enough of it, and you probably have, too.

It feels like this weather system has parked over the country.

Today, the day after George Floyd was buried after being murdered by the police, this happened in the Rose Garden.
President Trump was pilloried by Democrats on Friday for declaring during a speech on the economy that it was “great day” for George Floyd, a black man who died in Minneapolis after his neck was pinned under the knee of a white police officer.
“Hopefully, George is looking down right now in saying this is a great thing happening for our country,” Mr. Trump said. “A great day for him, a great day for everybody. This is a great day for everybody. This is a great day in terms of equality.”
He was talking about jobs numbers that were not as terrible as was expected.  There is also some doubt as to whether or not the numbers are accurate.  But no matter, it's a great day for Mr. Floyd.
Update to post 6/7/2020:  The numbers were wrong.  However this has not stopped them from doing ads with the wrong numbers or continuing to repeat them.

Who's aware of Antifa?  It's the right's current boogey man.  There is so much fear that armed white men were on the streets in Idaho yesterday because they'd seen that six bus loads were on their way to shoot things up.  It's short for Anti Fascist, which last time I checked was not a bad thing.  Anyway, the right is in a lather over whether they're an organized force, if they're aligned with the Anarchists, or what.  Who remembers Lara Logan?  She used to be a respected journalist on 60 Minutes.  I can't remember the details, but she lied on camera and was fired.  After a brief return to the program she was gone again.  I'd forgotten about her until today, when I learned that she is now an investigative reporter for a Fox streaming service.  She is getting to the bottom of the internal structure of Antifa, she's going to report on what's what.  Today she got punked on Twitter.

Today the DC Mayor had this painted.  I hope it lasts forever.

This the only decent picture I've taken all week.

Tomorrow the heat is supposed to drop back in to the 90's and happy we are about that.


  1. I love that pavement painting. Fabulous. It hope it DOES stay forever. Or at least as long as is necessary.

    I don't get the right's obsession with Antifa. They used to rail against reds and commies, and I suppose they needed a new bogeyman.

  2. Your fire in the desert photo is amazing! And I too love that Black Lives Matter mural in DC, marking where President Twitler, my current name for him, let loose violence on peaceful protestors. DC has the right mayor for all his ish! Maybe George Floyd is looking down on that big yellow mural leading straight to Twitler's door and smiling at that.

  3. I love that mural so much!

  4. Youngsters were telling me of Antifa a year or so ago, with instructions on how to punch armed white men in the eye with your thumb. These young people were serious about backing down the sort of people who show up at the court house door, in full arm and armory. I applauded the intent but not their bent to violence. Several days into this current bit of history, I think a good many of them are out there, and see that peaceful protest is more effective.