Saturday, March 14, 2020

Out in the Desert

Well, out in the desert is where you'll find us for the next few weeks.  The HOA closed the club house.  Now there is no pool, no tennis courts and no meeting rooms.  I'm pretty bummed about the pool, it seems like chlorine and UV should be enough, but nobody asked my opinion.

We're conflicted about riding.  Accidents are always possible when a bike is involved.  I would hate for one of us to break something, and require surgery to fix it.  We're for sure not riding on the road, we're still contemplating the bike trails or the dirt.  It's weirding me out pretty much to be having these internal debates.

This was today.  The skies are washed clean from yesterday's rain and it was just beauteous.  It's always fascinating how cactus and other desert plants can grow out of rocks.  They're tough.

This is not a postcard saquaro.

Jim is coming up the steep trail.  We were both dying on this stretch, it's very steep.

This is what you see after finishing the steep trail once your vision clears.

Since I don't seem to be able to get through a day without talking about Covid-19, I include here an interesting article about how Gunnison, CO was able to escape the Spanish Flu.


  1. Everything is still happening here in our park but I'm trying to avoid most of it.

  2. I'm curious, are you hiking anywhere near Gates Pass? Boy is that place gorgeous!! Don't worry about going to town ... there's hardly anyone there!!

  3. husband told me this morning that there is a covid-19 case in Matagorda now, an hour's drive from us. we are just doing what we do anyway...being anti-social. and the desert is gorgeous.

  4. Thank goodness we are still allowed outdoors!

  5. Apparently those who lived there were permitted to continue intermingling. I bet there were a lot of Friday night poker games and women folk canned more than ever and finished some quilts.

  6. Love the arms on that one saguaro!

  7. I like the not a postcard saquaro. Looks likes it's ready to capture and/or hug someone!