Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Cactus and Covid

This is a yard down the street, he's done a very nice job of planting cactus.  Several of them are trichocereus whose blossoms last more than one night, most bloom for not many hours.  Foreground we have a pin cushion cactus in bloom.  Isn't that the cutest thing you have seen? 

This is a volunteer in our side yard.  It's about as big as my thumb.  We don't know what it is.

We had a beautiful day today.  It clouded up late and looked like this.

We did venture out to Trader Joe's today.  We got pasta and dairy products.  For some reason, we forgot to look for eggs.  I have noticed that our thought processes are somewhat disordered these days.  They were holding people outside the door, and letting one in when one went out.  They had tape on the sidewalk and on the store floors keeping people six feet apart.  The woman in front of us was talking in the ear of the man in in front of her.  I would have shoved her back, it was inappropriate behavior under normal circumstances, but even more so now.  You can see her here, less than six feet away, then she moved in.

And then there is this.

Have you read about what the Senate has put in the recovery bill?  As you might expect, it's heavy on help for industries and banks, and not so much for people.  Huffington did a good piece on the subject, which is here.  It's a poorly titled article, but it's worth reading.

Our fearless leader has decided that this should all be over by Easter.  Easter!  He wants to see the churches full of people sitting shoulder to shoulder.

I just can't stand it.


  1. I do love those little volunteers, but none seem to be blooming in my yard. That one looks happy!!! I haven't been out much at all, but most people are staying away from others. There's always that one that walks right up to you!! The best part is no kids!!! LOL

  2. I haven't ventured to a store all week. My plan is to go tomorrow morning. You know the thing that confounded me was that on the news last night they said that DJT's polling numbers are up and that 60% of people approve of the way he's handling the crisis. I don't know a single person who feels that way so I'm not sure where they were polling.

  3. and now we have the second most cases of covid-19, China having the most but with doofus in command we will pass China. as for church on Easter, glad I'm not a believer. wouldn't go even if I was. the man cares nothing for anything but himself and what he thinks benefits him.

  4. Your neighbor's landscaping is very appropriate, I think. As for the rest, just waiting it out.

  5. We don't even expect the virus to peak in AZ till early May...Easter, my ass!

  6. Did anyone hear what year on Easter he expects this to be over? Obviously not this one. Cactus gardens are lovely but a pain in the patootie to weed (and weeds do come up through/on top of weedcloth and rocks).