Sunday, March 29, 2020

Life in Wait State

Today was good.  Jim finished up the staining/varnishing/painting project.  We are now out of project, that may not be so good.  We got a walk in the desert in the afternoon.  It was a new to us trail and I doubt that we'll do it again.  Too narrow, too boring.

This is the neighbor's lemon tree.  It's interesting, most of the fruit is in the interior of the tree, so you have to stick your head in there and brave the thorns.  Lemon trees have vicious thorns. 

The remaining bougainvillea is starting to bloom.  He survived the cold night without wilting of the bracts.  We are happy about that.

The viga poles.  I had to use the flash to lighten the area under the roof.  You can see the light reflecting on the new, shiny varnish.  Jim painted the tops of the supports this morning.  They're not perfect, but they look much better than they did.

The president had another one of his press conferences today.  He insinuated that New York is selling face masks out the back door.  He told Yamiche Alcindor to "be nice, don't be threatening" when she asked him how his comments about not sending supplies to states whose governors he doesn't like would affect distribution.  She quoted him his exact words on Hannity.  He's trying to walk that back, but hey! he's on tape.  Then he started calling ventilators "generators" interchangeably.  He's terrifyingly unqualified for any of this.

Ms. Alcindor later responded:

She's such a treasure. The Hill has coverage of the exchange here.

In other news many of the cactus are showing flower buds, so we may get a good bloom this spring.  Then I can bore you all to death with mass quantities of cacti in bloom.


  1. And blooming they are!!! It won't last long, but it sure is pretty in the meantime. You have a lovely patio area!!! What a nice view!!

  2. I could sit in the shade of that stone porch and read all day.

  3. I love the smell of lemons and lemon blossoms. You can use them to test your sense of smell daily (watch out for those thorns and bees though!)

  4. We used to have a lemon tree in front of our house when I was a kid, and my mom had it removed because of those thorns. She was worried for our safety! Glad your bougainvillea pulled through.

  5. Your back porch poles look fine. Nice. And bring on blooming cactus. We need a distraction from the big orange whatever it is.

  6. I hear you about being out of projects...We worked our butts off for the past 15 months on the house and yard and are pretty much caught up too. Now we are inventing minor projects to keep busy when not out hiking.

  7. Blooming cacti are beautiful. Bring on the pictures!!