Friday, March 13, 2020

Landscaping and Social Distancing

The guys from Copper Standard came yesterday to dig up the old bougainvilleas and plant the bottle brushes.  I am so happy we outsourced that.  Those plants had been in there for 20 years and had giant root balls.  They had to use a pick to get them out, and I am just not comfortable swinging a pick that close to a wall.  So, new plants are in.  I like them, they're low growing and not a showy plant.

They also planted the cactus we impulse bought at a nursery in the north end.  We must stop doing that!

Looking down the wall at the new bottle brush, my mini stonehenge and the recently deflowered geranium.

We got propane today at the tack and feed store.  They have baby chicks.  They're so cute, I want to pick them up and pet their heads, but it is forbidden.  Cute, just little fluffy balls of cuteness with legs.

The weather was very unsettled.  When we got back from Trader Joe's we thought we'd go for a hike, but then the temperature dropped a bunch, clouds rolled in and it rained.  So we steamed the floors instead.  They needed it.  Update to post:  at 5:15 we had hail bouncing two feet in the air.

This afternoon we got a text regarding future happy hours and the end of season pot luck.  I figured those events would continue as scheduled, since there seems to be some poo-pooing of Covid-19.  Jim and I are social distancing, other than brief forays running into stores, we're isolating from other people.  Anyway the question was put to the people on the street as to whether or not future events should be cancelled.  Cancel won.  We're an elderly neighborhood, some people have underlying conditions, so I'm happy that people are paying attention to the CDC guidelines.

Who remembers Y2K?  It was feared that all electronics would crash, bank accounts would be wiped out, civilization would collapse.  January 1, people woke up and nothing happened.  You know why?  Because programmers like myself went through thousands of lines of code looking for the hard coded use of "19" with the last two digits appended.  Preparedness won the day.

CDC wants us to practice social distancing.  Covid-19 is coming, the rate at which it arrives will determine if we end up like Italy, or if it can be managed in hospitals along with the current bad flu outbreak.

The area under both curves is the same.  How fast it spreads through the community will determine how many people die and how many don't.


  1. I think if people will just stay home a whole lot more we can probably get through this mess. We are not out and about at all. Except for emergency situations. I'm even cancelling non essential medical appointments. We do not need to be around sick people. But I'm sure going to be tired of cooking and not going out to eat when this is over. Your yard looks beautiful.

  2. I love your yard!!! And yes, I spend at least 15 minutes at Ace Hardware checking out the baby chicks!!!

  3. we're not changing our ways because we already are social distancers. we live in a small town of less than 9,000 people and don't even live in town. and we rarely eat out. the only thing I'm worried about is if we should get more food in the house but the grocery store sent out a blurb that they are restocking as fast as they can. since we are retired, staying home is what we do. I feel sorry for parents with kids and jobs.

  4. I like your bottle-brushes. I'm sorry about the bougainvilleas, because I LOVE bougainvillea, but your replacements DO look nice.

  5. My social distancing went complete today; card club closed down for the duration.

    1. It's probably for the best, but I am sorry to hear that.

  6. Lovely yard you have there. We "social distance" most of the time with our lifestyle anyway; living in the sticks, going out to eat seldom, no parties, riding bikes out even further in the boonies. But we do have to go to the markets and will just be more careful. We've been germaphobes for some time so are used to using hand sanitizer, washing our hands, and not touching our faces. Glad those skills will come in even handier now. Stay well!