Saturday, September 28, 2019

Last Day in Issaquah

Today was our last day in Issaquah.  Since we decided on our departure date, the forecast changed and the weather has really tanked.  It's cold.  Well, cold for us.  I think it's not the temperature so much as how damp it is given the amount of rain and moisture in the air.  It's unfortunate that we couldn't leave a week ago.

This is me, wearing my new outfit.  Why, you wonder, is she wearing such ugly clothing?  When we left Tucson in June, it was so hot that it completely fell out of our heads that September in the GPNW can be miserable.  We did bring rain jackets, but no vests and no warm lounging clothing.  So there has been shopping in defiance of the on going non-acquisition fatwa.

Camo sweat shirt from the Eddie Bauer outlet store, warm fuzzy pants courtesy of Walmart.

This is our next door dog.  He's very calm and friendly.  I haven't heard him bark yet, unlike the beast two sites down that yaps constantly.  Look how long his legs are.

We went to the fish hatchery this afternoon after completing the day's pre-departure checklist.  We took the tire covers off, ruining the winter plans for many spiders.  The creek is as high as we have ever seen it.  The fish were quite active today, throwing themselves against the weir.

This is a salmon's head.  He's one of the big fish.

The one on the right will be turned back in a second.  In order to make it up the stream they have to clear the level where the water comes over.  That very rarely happens.  Fish returns are down this year, but they think they'll harvest enough eggs for a new generation.

We're heading out to Spokane in the morning.  Tuesday night it's supposed to go down to 21 degrees.  That's just too cold.  We really need to head south.


  1. Although the RV has been your home for a long time I suspect you will enjoy seeing your "static" home again.

  2. Love your outfit. We won't be able to see you in the desert at all!! I'm sure they will come in handy since it's supposed to be a wetter-than-normal winter.
    It's fascinating how those fish can find their way back and make it up the weirs.
    Safe travels!

  3. You'll warm up with that inland route :) I'm always amazed how hot it gets 15 miles from an ocean beach that requires a parka and long pants.
    safe travels
    box canyon

  4. not a moment too soon as Montana is already under snow.

  5. Long drive but going south will certainly warm up quickly. Drive safe.

  6. Looks like a fun drive! I love a good road-trip! Don't they sometimes install "fish ladders" to help fish over dams and other barriers? Maybe that weir needs one.

  7. Have safe travels home. I had to laugh about your warm clothes purchase as it brought back memories. We had to buy warm clothes at Goodwill when we left very warm Mexico for not-particularly-warm central Florida (and bought our RV!) in Jan. 2016. We had lots of winter clothes in NC so didn't want to spend more than $3 per piece. We wore those few things over and and over; I am sure our RV park neighbors wondered about us...!

  8. My solution to September/October is to break out my flannel night shirt. These nights go down to the forties. When we get to freezing, it's the feather duvet.Every cat I've owned can hear it go down on the bed, and appears in seconds. Of course, this one lives in six hundred odd square feet with me.
    Safe travels, back to the land of cactus.