Sunday, September 8, 2019

Walking Here and Walking There

Yesterday we went to the fish hatchery to see if any of the fish are back.  It's too early.  There were three in the creek.  The one I couldn't photograph because of the reflections on the water was just huge.  The two are pretty good sized, but the other one was huge.

Up until yesterday, the weather has pretty much looked like this.  It was a good summer, not too hot and not too wet.

That changed yesterday.  We had a line of thunderstorms come through for about five hours; 2,200 lightning strikes were recorded during the event.  This is so weird.  We don't get T storms, we don't get storms moving up from the south through Oregon.  Generally our weather comes in from the coast.  KOMO has an article about it with some pretty cool short videos taken through out the area. 

The lightning was really impressive as was the amount of rain.

This morning I woke up to the sound of an alarm.  It wasn't in the bus, so I wondered if something in one of the bays was alarming.  It was getting louder and more persistent, so I got up and went outside looking for it.  It was this.

I dumped and flushed the black tank yesterday morning, and I used the kitchen timer to know when it was time to open the tank.  Then I put it on the power pedestal while I was finishing up and walked away from it.  It spent the night outside and was rained on.  This morning some little circuit went off and it started alarming, and then it died.  I'll miss that timer, it was easy to read and loud. 

Today we went into Bellevue for the walking.  This is a construction fence with pictures of what they are building there.  More retail down, condos up.  Heaven knows we do not yet have enough condos. It's an interesting shape which will provide some residents with balconies.  That will make it easier for them to see the other tall buildings surrounding them.

Work is proceeding on the light rail system.  They were working today which was sort of surprising.

A building downtown.

The lanterns are cheerful in the trees.

It's supposed to rain some more this week - yay!


  1. Fabulous lightning images!! I think the weather is weird everywhere!! Sorry for the loss of your timer. Mine bit the dust years ago for the same reason. I left it out on the barbecue.
    What a very cool building, even if they don't have a view!! Not sure I would want to live that high up though!!

  2. Who puts up the lanterns? City or citizens? There seem to be more at the other end of the sidewalk. I like the undulating shape of that building, and I like the miniature balconies.
    That was quite a lightening display.

  3. I love those lanterns! And that is an interesting condo building, I must say. Stay dry!

  4. Those lovely little curved balconies do not look quite safe.

  5. we used to get thunder storms all the time and then for a number of years none. it would rain just not storms. the last few years though the thunderstorms seem to have come back. there never seems to be enough housing and when they build it it's always upper end. what we need is more affordable housing since the middle class has all but disappeared. in Houston they buy up and tear down all the low income housing and replace it with high end housing. where are the people supposed to go?