Thursday, September 26, 2019

Medical Stuff, Dragons and the Whistleblower

Tuesday we saw the back surgeon.  He said Jim is doing fine, it's normal to still have discomfort (note I did not say lightning bolts down the leg or a deep penetrating ache that makes you want to cut your leg off).  Jim is doing much better.  He walks faster and no longer has that slightly lurching gate from before.  He's reached the stage where he's better off than before the surgery, so we're declaring victory.  We're also leaving this place - Sunday.

While in Renton we also got my left foot lasered some more.  On visit six I had a different person than the prior five times.  He's better.  His thought process about where to put the laser is good.  After the sixth session, I decided to go back two more times to see him.  I will say that it's better.  It's not great, but I no longer feel like I'm stepping on a tack when I take a step.  That alone has made it worth while.

This is from downtown Renton.  This is a 109 year old building, and that is Erasmus the dragon on the roof.  He's an art project installed last April.

Here's a better picture from an article.  I do love me a good dragon.

We've had rain, followed by blue skies.  Yesterday it started out wet and then improved.  Since it wasn't raining, Jim climbed up the boarding ladder on to the roof.  The giant laurel over hangs the front passenger slide and drips leaves on the slide toppers.  We don't want the leaves getting rolled up into the fabric when the slide comes in, so there must be sweeping.  I offered to do it, but was glad to not have to.  Ladders just give me the willies.

Today we headed back to Bellevue to visit the Amazon brick and mortar store.  Jim's Nook e-reader is dying.  Barnes and Noble produced an unreliable product.  Battery life is unpredictable, and it won't stay where you left it.  Sometimes it's very difficult return to the last page read.  So, even though we did not want to further support the evil empire of Amazon, he bought a paperwhite.  I already have one, it's not bad.  It certainly does not have the battery life that is promised, but it's better than the Nook.  My first Nook would always die on airplanes - always.

This is one of the new buildings going up.  The shape is interesting.  The balconies on the lower levels are better than the upper levels.  However, the lower level are going to have a lot more road noise.  It's on the corner of two really busy streets.  Seattle has seen a decrease in number of apartments rented, it may be that they've over built the market. 

So, the whistle blower report is out as of today.  I think it's pretty damning.  I'm also really pissed at the NYT for identifying the writer as a CIA agent assigned to the White House, particularly in light of the president making threats against the person.  I think Ted Lieu said it well.

Here in Seattle, hackers are attacking the electronic road signs.

We're now left with three sleeps and a get up.  It feels pretty weird that we're finally leaving.  It's time, low temperatures at some of our stops will be in the low 30s.  Too cold!


  1. First, good to hear the improved health news!
    I saw the hijacked road sign on the news. Nice to see.
    Hold onto your hat; it will be worse before it's better.

  2. Great news on the medical front for both of you. Weather down here is fabulous. Had a humdinger of a storm here in AJ but I'm loving the temps in the low 90s.

  3. Good news health wise. We are living through politically interesting times both in the USA and here.

  4. I LOVE LOVE the dragon. How cool is that?? I have the same feelings about my RV ladder, but it's a necessary evil!!

  5. I want a dragon like that for my roof! I do have a small one that watches doorways but the big guy would watch everything!

  6. glad to hear of the improvement for both of you. Trump is just plain despicable, cares nothing for anyone but himself. I saw on twitter that two of his supporters have offered a $50K reward for the whistleblower's identity and the smear campaign against him has already started.

  7. Have you seen the dragon in Santa Fe? It reminds me of yours and we always try to walk past him when we're there. He's cradling the building next to one of our fav. restaurants there - Chez Mamou. Glad to be leaving? Where to and by which route?

  8. The dragon is cool, and so is the hacked sign! Thanks for sharing, as I had not seen either. Glad to hear that Jim's back is recovering well and that your foot is a bit better. Not feeling like you're stepping on a tack with each step is a good thing! SAFE travels heading south, and I will be following along.