Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Cell Phones, Cruel Shoes and Hurricane Tracks

Cell phones are the work of the devil.  I have an HTC phone that I bought in 2016.  It's paid for.  It will no longer give directions in GPS.  The start directions button doesn't work.  The guy at the Verizon store said I'll probably have to do a factory reset, which deletes everything.  So pictures need to be backed up - requiring Google Photos.  Downloaded that, it won't run.  My operating system is too old.  Apparently, Android operating systems don't get upgraded much after the phone is about a year old.  It depends on the brand, and I guess HTC is one of the worst.  Jim has a Samsung (which he hates) but it still gets updates.  I was last updated in 2016, so I guess my upgrades occurred never.  It's just aggravating, a new Pixel 3 costs almost $500.  That's just stupid expensive.  The whole thing just irritates the living snot out of me.  Yes, it's a first world problem, but it's aggravating.  There is an interesting article here if you're interested in the nitty gritty details.

Moday we did some more retail walking.  We need to stop doing that!  Macy's had everything on sale, so we did partake.  We acquired a cast iron skillet for using in the grill.  It was inexpensive, if we don't like it, it won't hurt to 86 it.  I got jeans.  I've been looking for jeans for awhile.  All of the ladies' jeans are full of spandex and to me, they feel awful.  I miss the way button fly 501s used to feel after they'd been washed a lot.  I ended up with men's 514 jeans.  They're only 1% spandex and they feel much better than the women's.

While we were walking in the mall, we did visit the Nordstrom shoe department.  I swear I have lost touch with my culture.  These boots, which I think are just hideous, are $850.  Who spends that much money on hideous boots?

The hideous black boot on the left is $1400.

These beauties from Balenciaga are foot crippling.  Who does this to their feet?

I guess there is now enough tech money in Bellevue to support these prices.

There is a new snack bar in the mall.  It's the Happy Lemon.  They make bubble waffles.  Look on the left, mid photo in the vertical dimension, that is a chocolate bubble waffle. Previously I was unaware of these, but after a web search I have discovered that you can buy bubble waffle irons for home use.  They originated in Hong Kong.  You can read more here.

You can get toppings.   This place is packed, there is always a line out the door and into the mall.

I'm seeing more people on the interwebs wondering about the state of the president's mental health.  Today was just bizarre.  Over the weekend he tweeted that Alabama was in danger from Dorian.  NOAA put out a tweet saying that Alabama was not in the path and never had been.  Apparently the president just can't let it go.  Today he trotted out this week old map with an extra lobe drawn on which extended into Alabama.  Falsifying or misrepresenting an official forecast is an illegal act which carries a fine and/or 90 days in jail.  The Washington Post has it on the front page of their on line edition.  If he had not kept talking about it, it would be out of the news cycle by now.

Who's following UK politics?  I miss most of the finer points, but I thought this picture on twitter was pretty good.  The current prime minister did not have a good day.

That's it!  That's all I've got.


  1. Gah, those shoes are awful! My feet hurt just looking at them! You know, I hate the iphone monopoly but everything pretty much works with it. might be worth it to come over to the dark side.

  2. Those boots look like a murdered Sasquatch. Wait a minute... that orange one on the left looks like Daffy Donald.

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  4. Sorry typo's.

    I think many of us here are in despair over politics, and I personally rue the day that the then PM, Cameron, decided to have a referendum. Although from a constitutional angle its very interesting and no doubt in 50 years time students of political history will be studying it.

  5. Wow ... your Macy's is a bit different from mine! I have to admit I wore cowboy boots with those spiky toes for awhile. We bought them one size smaller than we wore. I know, weird. $850? No thank you. I think I have to try those bubble waffles. More area of crispiness!!

  6. I always wonder just who buys shoes like those. My personal feeling is the designer of such things should have to wear them for a month before they go into mass production.

  7. I like British politics. It's like ours, AFU. I didn't see the yellow haired one's second shot at wiping out Alabama with a hurricane. It's even bigger than the first time. The man is a buffoon.

  8. The shoes are all awful and so damn expensive! Glad to see that I can buy 8-10 pairs (or more) of shoes I like and wear for the price of one of those pairs of ugly boots. And those 8-12 pairs will last me for years! On phones, I just dunked my Moto G5 in our pool (don't ask) recently and replaced it with a Moto G7 Play. It's a great phone, and even with case and protective glass, I paid less than $200. Fortunately, nearly all my "stuff" (photos, contacts, even apps I'd downloaded) had been saved "in the cloud" via my Google account, so setup time was only a few hours. Even though people say Google is evil, I was soooo pleased not to have to start from day 1 scratch. Google is GOOD to me. I've been using the phone for a few weeks, and even though it's classified as a "budget" phone, I think it's great. And the price can't be beat, especially since I guess I'm a bit of a klutz. ;-)

  9. I do not get the whole shoe thing, women who go crazy over shoes. those things are ugly and expensive and dangerous. I've worn a comfortable pair of $14 sandals from Walmart all summer when I have shoes on t all. and bubble waffles? what do they promote those things as? breakfast? desert? candy? ugh. just ugh. looks like nothing but sugar. and what do they put in the original? everyone know Trump is unfit to be president just from his public appearances. apparently he's a screaming tantrum throwing crybaby in the White House and the republicans just keep supporting him and the democrats are sitting on their thumbs. how bad does he have to get fer cryin' out loud.

  10. Such great observations. I have to admit that I do love a good pair of shoes however, there is a limit. I would never ever attempt those pointy toe foot pinchers. As for Trump....ellen has said it best!