Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Torrey to Jones High Country RV Camp in Nephi, UT

Today we drove from Torrey to Nephi.  It wasn't a long distance, but it was slow.  Most of it is on two lane roads, some of it was on mediocre road surfaces.  Even I15 is not a great surface.

By and large it's a pretty drive.  There are nice rocks.

There is agriculture.  There were a lot of cows.

We're at the Jones High Country RV Camp in Nephi.  I would have to characterize this RV park as rustic.  Interior roads and sites are gravel.  Actually it's not gravel, it's one inch rock that's difficult to walk on.  The pull throughs are wide enough to park beside the RV.  Power is good, water pressure is good.  The mifi is in extended 4G, but it's tolerable.  No data on the restrooms or showers.  There is some grass, but there are more weeds.  There are a fair number of permanent residents on the periphery.  It's a good place for an overnight.  It's close to I15 and a Flying J.

If we were through this area again, we would come back.


  1. I copied your map. Should have done that when you started so I have a route to follow when I get up enough nerve to drive there.

  2. It looks decent, says I, who have not slept out, in a pop up camper, since the early eighties. I'd go back, especially if the bathrooms were decent.