Friday, June 14, 2019

Canyon Motel and RV Park

While we were in Williams we stayed at the Canyon Motel and RV Park.

Interior roads and sites are dirt and some gravel.  More dirt than gravel.  When the dust devils come through, a lot of dirt is in the air.

The good:  Internet is pretty good.  There are no pesky trees to interfere with satellite reception.  Power is good, water is good (sometimes). 

The middle:  There are a lot of rules here.
  • You can't disconnect your towed vehicle from your motor home in front of the office.  We said we wanted to do that prior to being led to our site, and the woman behind the counter looked horrified, and said we would have to do that on the site.  We have a Blue Ox tow bar, if the towed vehicle is not perfectly in trail, it will not come off.  No way can we disconnect after making a sharp turn into a site.  After some discussion, they said we could do it in front of the storage yard, like it was some great dispensation.  
  • Later we watched an office staffer in a golf cart chase down a vehicle because the parking permit was not visible in the windshield.  
  • The laundry building is far from the parking lot, and far from the RV sites.  You are not allowed to drive up and unload in front of the building, you must walk either from your site or the distant parking lot.
They got rules!

The bad:  We're on site 45.  In 48 hours two carbon block high flow small micron water filters have been completely clogged by whatever is in the water.  We're now using a filter with a larger pore size, hopefully it will last more than 24 hours, those things are expensive.  When the water filter is not clogged, water pressure is good.  The site is very out of level.  We use airbags for leveling, and the frame is so twisted that some bays can't be opened if they are latched.  That's fairly unusual.

There are trains here; big freight trains.  This is "our" train.  It's a double track main, and big engines go through there.  They don't do a lot of horn blowing, but you can hear them.  Look at the arrow just above the white car, that's where we turn in to the RV park.  So, we have a little distance.

There is also freight moving through downtown Williams.  If you choose the Grand Canyon Railroad RV Park, you'll be hearing that close up and personal.  It is a nicer park, everything is paved, but it's going to be noisy.  This is one of their trains.

If you go to the Railside RV Ranch, you'll be next to a rail line (hence the name).  If you pick the Canyon Gateway RV Park you'll be right next to a Love's, I40 and a rail line.  I think we're staying at the most quiet park, but there is that pesky water filter issue.

I don't know if we would come back. 

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  1. I stay at the Grand Canyon Railway park. Not the cheapest, but asphalt sites and never a water issue, plus they have pet care if you want to leave your critters and head into the Grand Canyon. I love trains, but they are a pain at midnight! LOL