Thursday, June 27, 2019

Nephi to Golden Spike RV Park in Brigham City, UT

Today was just hellacious.  When we drove through Salt Lake City in 2015, the construction was everywhere.  It was a very painful drive.  Despite all of the work they did then, the road surface through Salt Lake City is like driving through Bagdad.  The noise level is just unreal.  The construction has now moved to Provo.  It was bad enough that we won't be driving through Provo in the next few years.

Examine the width of the lanes.  They have re-striped and they're very narrow.  The other thing they've done is lane shifts, causing tight little wiggles in the freeway.  We were going through what felt like a chicane when the tractor trailer towing two trailers departed his lane and started moving in to ours, while we were in it.  Jim said he missed our left mirror by about a foot.  They're driving too fast and aren't controlling their rigs.  It scared the living snot out of both of us.

See the sound barrier on the south bound lanes?  Some unfortunate trucker put the cab of his truck through that wall, knocking it down.  The front of the cab looked like it had been smushed into a ball.  The backup went on for miles.

Eventually, we made our way to Brigham City.  This is the current Brigham City Utah Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Its cornerstone was stamped 2012.  I cut off his spire trying to get all of him in the frame.

This was the Box Elder Tabernacle from 1867 to 1890.  I think it's a more attractive structure.


We wandered down into Brigham City.

A county administration building.

We're staying at the Golden Spike RV Park.   It's an ok place to overnight. 


  1. That's where we stayed when we went out to the Golden Spike Monument. I love trains.

  2. It seems there is an infrastructure problem all over the land. That boy needs to quit golfing.

  3. That RV park isn't as nice as the KOA park (which has recently undergone much renovation) but is a heck of a lot cheaper!!! I paid $55 a night, the group rate, for 10 nights. I loved Brigham City and those tabernacles are spectacular!! Lots of hiking trails in the bird refuge if you can stand the mosquitos!!

  4. By the way, I drove that same highway in my Jeep. Those people drive CRAZY!!!!